Top 10 Real Animal Fights in Wild African Animal videos

Here is a look at the top 10 Animal Fights as seen in animal fight video


In many wild African animal videos, the sight of many animal fights is common. For instance, you could have one animal chasing a group of other animals or vice versa. Some animals are carnivorous hence they are always after other animals. That is one of the animal fighting facts but we here put a compilation different animal fights in African savanna.

At number 10  We have a herd of angry hungry buffaloes ganging up against a lioness. She tries her best to free herself to no avail. She even tries to climb a tree but falls back down and is kicked numerous times. She is even thrown up in the air several times till she falls down lifeless. They surround her.

At number 9 Is the leopard verses the crocodile. Believe it or not, but the leopard tactfully attracts the crocodile in the water resulting in the leopard becoming effortless. She uses her mouth to drag the body out of water and into the bushes.

At number 8 Oh My God! A Zebra that is swimming across a river loses its entire intestines and hind leg to a group of hungry crocodiles. What is disturbing about this animal fight video is the way the injured zebra makes it to he shores of the river, only for all of its intestines to fall off.

At number 7  Is the video of warthogs attacking a leopard. Of course they win.

At number 6 A number of wilder-beasts are on the run, one of them knocks another down. And the one that is knocked is left at the mercy of some foxes.

At number 5 Is about a group of warthogs feasting on a young antelope. Its mother too has been killed.

At number 4 We have a giant snake taking on a goat by encircling it and squeezing all of its life out. I guess we all know how this usually ends.

At Number 3 Lions hunting down a large warthog. The warthog gets a large wound on its right hind leg. In retaliation, it kicks a lioness up in the air.

At Number 2 Some wilder-beasts are running so fast on the road. little do they know that a lion is keenly watching them. The lion quickly runs and jumps onto one of them and drags it away.

At last numero uno  Best of the best animal fights is that between an impala and two lions. The lioness is after the impala. The impala runs so fast only for it to jump high and land in the mouth of a lion that had strategically located itself there.

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