Dangerous jump off one of the highest buildings in Turkey

On the evening of 10/10/2013, Sommer uploaded a video of himself performing a dangerous jump off one of the highest buildings in Turkey.With hundreds of people watching him from the base and the landing area, Sommer successfully built up his momentum to perform a Triple Back flip from the top of a building in a rich area in Turkey.

Was this jump worth it for Jokke?

Yes! The jump been executed perfectly while Jokke was in his full gear running off the edge from the building that the jump been performed from; Jokke jumped off the edge holding his both legs to perform a dangerous maneuver which was the triple back flip.Sommer deployed his parachute after a good maneuver and from a safe distance too, luckily that the building was in front of a bus parking space to ensure a safe landing for Sommer and his cameraman.Nothing stopped Sommer from performing that jump since, the weather was safe enough to do the jump due to the absence of sudden air waves.Will we see Jokke doing another jump soon? We hope so!

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