Crazy man put his head into Crocodile mouth watch what happens

Stunts can be deadliest ! Exploration of whole world by man make him able to see all animals activities now including private moments . Ranging from ant to ancient Dinosaurs , human has explored every animal species . One of the fiercest animals included in domain of research of man is crocodile and his actions can be observed very closely in an episode of animal planet show “Crocodile death Roll,Untamed and Uncut “.

Death Roll is a crocodile’s favorite activity and he adopt it to kill his prey . He try to break the body part of prey seized in his big mouth by rolling at a very high speed . Some people complicate it with crocodile trying to scratch his back but that’s totally nonsense because intensity of rolling in first case is considerably high . Untamed and Uncut (A TV show ) can be named as crocodile tv show because they’ve exposed this horrifying phenomena occurred accidentally during a dare stunt of putting hand in crocodile’s open mouth .

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