Watch the Ultimate Battle Between a Elephant and a Giant Snake

The Savage Beauty of Encounters in the Wild ! Since the dawn of time, wild animals have been at war due to a myriad of reasons. Whether for food, territory, mating, dominance or just pure aggression, crazy animal attacks are an everyday occurrence in the wild. Mother Nature serves up a cruel reality with the wild being her battlefield. This, in turn, sets the pace for brutal and violent encounters that make up some of the best wildlife animal videos. The unbridled and uncensored brutality is what makes nature so beautiful and surreal. For tourists, nothing beats capturing the moment with the best video camera for wildlife to guarantee full picture clarity with all snapshots. When it comes to recording any animal attack, it is always a bonus to get the action as it occurs. While browsing through some African wildlife videos, I came across fascinating footage of elephant vs lions attack. Read on to learn how this battle of the big fives went and who ended up victorious, standing over the corpse his adversary.

As the dominant predator and prominent member of the big five, the lion holds its head high as king of the jungle. Boasting of pure muscle and raw power, few animals would dare cross the path of a hungry, angry adult male lion. However, there are exceptions to this phenomenon since huge animals like the elephant often go head to head with a pride of lions.What the elephants lack in speed and dexterity is more than compensated by the immense size and weight of these beasts. This is why even the strongest lions tuck tail and give way to the elephants. But wait, in this wildlife video, one lion risks it all to try and take down a young baby elephant. Knowing very well that if the calf’s parents were to hear the little guy crying for help, it would spell disaster for the lion. Should he go on with the hunt, or should he cut his losses and walk away?

But hunger can often be a compelling driver. With an empty stomach and a heart full of high expectations, the lion pounces on the young elephant, which is quite strong for its small stature. The baby elephant tries to fight and shake the lion from its back, and just when there is a tiny glimmer of hope, another lion joins the party. Sadly, this is the end of the young elephant as the Lions prepare to make a feast out of it.

The Circle of Life !Although nature and wildlife may seem cruel and merciless, every action is necessary to continue the cycle of life. One must give way in order for the other to live, just like the grass is eaten by the elephants, so are they consumed by lions, which are in turn food for other scavengers. So weep not for the young elephant that was sacrificed so the Lions could live, instead, watch more wildlife videos YouTube, and marvel at the wonders of nature.

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