Watch These Amazing NCR M16 Motorbike Stunt Videos

The Amazing Fail and Crush Compilation of Motorcycle video stunts is amazing. The first motorcycle stunt riding involves a wheelie. A wheelie is a motorcycle stuntriding using only the front wheel. This style of riding is also called stoppie and is very popular in sports. On the video, there are several amazing motorbike stunt videos involving wheelies all combined into one video. In all the scenes, an ugly crash always happens. For example, there is the First video that involves a kid who crushes into a tree.

All the video scenes are fun to watch. On one scene, a rider attempts to go through a narrow bridge and ends up in the river. Another one falls in the middle of the road while trying to pull a stoppie. Another instance involves a proud rider wheeling his way behind another car from which the video is being recorded. He performs several stunts, such as standing on the motorbike, riding with one foot off the pedals and so on.

If you are eyeing participation in stuntriding, be sure to take a motorbike insurance first. Say you are using a Toyota motorcycle, and you crush into a Prado or any other heavy SUV, the motorcycle will be damaged and you will pay heavily for the repair if it is not insured. Insurance coverage on the other hand will help you a great deal in such situations. All the OEM parts that get damaged and need replacement are replaced with real OEM parts.

Motorcycle insurance is also useful in case of personal injuries because participating in a stoppie is a risky event. Also, considering that wheelie-capable motorbikes are very expensive, it is worth protecting them against theft, and the insurance cover includes such protection. The motorcycle insurance policies are also affordable starting from as low as $75/year. Just make sure that you approach the right company for the insurance coverage.

Wrapping up, Hasqvarna motorbike brand is a very common type of motorcycles used in stunt-riding. There are several details concerning stunt motorbike riding at stuntex and stuntexshop. Go through the website for more information on all the wheelie gear that you will need.

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