When indians Decided “Aj kuch toofani karte hain”

‘Aj kuch toofani karte hai’ 41 funny and inspirational images of those indians who think that life’s too short to play safe. These funny but brave hearted images of ladies and gentleman will be enough to make your adrenaline level high. Evven our south-indian super actors want to take down some notes too.

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1) If you don’t have water or tissue, no problem. Burn it out directly.



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2) Why to buy a nano, if Herohonda is enough for complete family.

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3) Wheels on balls.



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4) That’s why we should have Hex saw in our kitchen.



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5) Dare to apply a Kirchoff’s Junction law?



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6) Tata’s new single coach train!!



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7) Never take pic of children without their mommy.



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