Why Anushka Sharma Hot Kissing Scene in Bombay Velvet is Different?

Anushka Sharma, the bold actress representing the new generation woman in many Bollywood flicks, is once again making waves because of her hot onscreen smooch.


This is not the first time she is generating oomph all around, but talking about Bombay Velvet, there is enough ground to say that with Ranbir Kapoor, she is sounding more intimate and hot; so no wonder if you expect more spicier stuff in the movie!

People have already seen Anushka’s chemistry with Ranveer Singh and can’t forget those zesty kissing scenes. However, the buzz this time about the smooch is because her sequence is with Ranbeer Kapoor, the super-cool sensation of Bollywood.


In addition to the warmth, Anushka Shama hot kissing scene in Bombay Welvet is also special for its length. What promos subtly indicated earlier has been duly emphasized by the U/A certificate of Censor Board – Bombay Velvet has adequate Masala for your senses. It also showcases first-ever joint appearance of the star-duo, and also Karan Johar, all adding up to make it a big hit!



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