Woman attacked by Polar Bears at Berlin Zoo

Polar bears may look cute and cuddly, but as one woman found out, they are anything but. Recently, a woman attacked by polar bears at Berlin Zoo found herself the center of a Wildlife Video. Perhaps she was auditioning for an animal planet commercial, or hoping for next month’s cover of National Geographic, but this YouTube video shows what can happen when you mess with wild animals that are three times your size.According to witnesses, she jumped into the aquatic enclosure with three polar bears. She quickly realized her mistake, as one polar bear moved in swiftly and tried to maul the woman. It’s not clear exactly what the bear’s intent was – maybe he thought she was a toy to be played with.

Surely the Discovery network channels will run this HD Video as a lesson to other zoo visitors. The YouTube video is sure to go viral so there is no excuse for anyone else to suffer the same fate. Several witnesses recorded the action with their HD Camera, which shows rescuers throwing rings into the enclosure.Like a Hollywood movie, rescuers quickly move in with ropes to try and rescue the woman. As the zoo video proves, it’s not an easy task. The woman grabs onto the rope, and falls back into the water, where one of the bears appears to bite her. The video ends with her hanging onto a rope being pulled up by a team of rescuers.

Even the best video camera phone cannot capture the sheer terror this woman must have felt after she willing jumped in. Chances are, she won’t do it again anytime soon.So, what possesses someone to jump into open water with animals wild and dangerous? Maybe she dropped her digital camera and didn’t think she was at risk for animal bites. She likely found out that animal bites treatment is more trouble than her best internet HD cam is worth. Who knows – the 3D movie could make her a millionaire someday.

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