Wonders Will Never Cease: Half Girl Half Snake Real or Fake?

If you thought humans could not exist as half human half snakes, think again. Yes, I know at this point you probably doubt my sanity or even worse. Last time I checked, my brain and eyesight were in perfect condition, so I believe they are not playing a hoax on me. If you still don’t believe, see for yourself here: Half girl half snake real or fake watch video bellow .In this video, we see several half women half snake ladies. You probably have seen that some images are in uncompromisingly impossible positions yet you still are giggling and wondering who would waste their time doing such. I can’t blame the fact that you are so immersed in the technological world that you think everything weird-looking is another creation of Photoshop. Before you dismiss the video as just another work of idle attention seeking individuals, you need to watch it again and this time slowly, even pausing between the images to critically examining each snake woman.

Well, if I were president, I would take advantage of this rarity in the human phenomenon. I would take care of these creatures in a way that will be both beneficial to the citizens and the visitors. You guessed right- I would take them to a zoo and keep them for entertainment purposes. How many tourists would want to miss witnessing the wonders of creation after watching this amazing wildlife video in the most popular wildlife YouTube videos?Since time immemorial, we have often heard of mermaids-half human half fish. And even if it took us so long to accept these stories, we have come to embrace them and even make movies of them. If you think your mind is a rigid one, you need to reevaluate yourself because you are a genius. I believe there is a significant percentage of people that I totally tricked into believing the images were half human snake. You don’t think so? How many took time to watch the snake girls again? If you did, then you are in the lot that can believe the weirdest of things and situations. But isn’t that the beauty of the world we live in?

Beautiful Mutant of Girl and a snake

Humans have always been fascinated by strange creatures . Animals that are the result of cross – breeding of two different species such as lion and tiger are especially interesting . However , the  below video shows the wonderful yet far – fetched combination of  a woman and a snake . Compared to other wildlife or animal videos on YouTube , this one seems very real and the resulting half girl and half snake creature looks especially elegant . Given the enormous physical size of some snakes such as Anacondas and Pythons , such a creature would not be completely out of imagination . In fact , the snake women in the videos make such a creature look very real . This video unlike others wildlife videos does not portray a scary image of snakes , rather it lends beauty and grace to snakes that they rightly deserve . The snake girls are also depicted in various environments that a snake would thrive in such as on trees and on the shores of oceans which makes it even more interesting to watch . The snake girls also portray the various patterns that different species of snakes possess making them look lovely . The snake girls would server well if cast in a movie .

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