Young man catches a falling woman from a 11th floor building-video of the day

It became the video if the day as a surveillance camera caught Feng Ning, a young man in Enshi, central China catching what seemed to be a woman from the 11th floor of a building.This happened on Wednesday in Enshi City , Hubei Province , central China . The name of the hero is Feng Ning who run in front of the building to save the life of the woman . He did it at 21:45 , as the now famous surveillance video footage has showed . He said he was walking from restaurant when he saw a woman hanging from the window on the 11th floor of a building. “I tried to go the entrance but I was too late, so I decided to catch her as she fell, after that I didn’t remember anything”, said Feng.

A witness put Feng to the side of the street as Feng screamed in pain and was rushed to the hospital.” He suffered tibial plateau fracture and knee injuries. Also, his anterior and posterior cruciate ligament have been dislocated, “said Doctor Yanbing from Enshi Central Hospital.

The woman unfortunately did not survive but Feng said he didn’t regret what he did and it’s a shame he was not able to save her. Feng joined the army in 2013 and after a full service retired in September.


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