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A small isolated gas station located in the suburb of Russia is under attack. Crazy, diseased zombies have taken over and the won’t spare anyone that passes by. Be warned! These vile, staggering creatures are out for blood and they won’t settle for less. Got you! Don’t sweat it; this is simply a Halloween scare created by Matteo Moroni. The notorious YouTube Channel of DM took to the streets of Russia for its latest video and terrorized locals with elaborate zombie Halloween pranks. The result was; a scary but funny series of Russia prank.
Considered as one of the best ‘Russia Pranks,’ the scary zombie got so many views and was listed as the best practical joke of the year. If you want to watch this blood, trenching comical series; all you got to do can is simply go to You Tube and type in ‘Matteo pranks Russia.”
This is not the first time the dmpranks comedy show is receiving much attention. If you are big on pranks, the you’ve definitely heard of the ”killer clown” practical joke. This is one of the many DM pranks that has completely gone viral. It features a deranged serial killer that posses as a clown. This is one top comedy prank series that is a must watch.
According to Matteo, 2015 is a year of big things. He is leaning towards the direction of making new videos that look more cinematic. All these will be achieved through use of HD cameras.. He is also planning on releasing a new movie based on his scary series. Don’t miss out. Be on look out!

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