10 Amazing Cars You Won’t Believe Exist


10 Amazing Cars You Won’t Believe Exist

Car technology is getting better with time. Car manufacturing companies are trying their best to ensure that human beings get the best car models they can ever think of. Below is a list of 10 amazing car technology you won’t believe exists.

1. The concept of Mercedes Biome Car

This sleek car concept was created in 2010 in the Los Angeles Design Challenge. Mercedes was able to design a car that would weigh less than 100 pounds and still run. This car would be built in the lab instead of a factory. It was made from bio jelly –type material in order to ensure that it weighs approximately 875.5 pounds. This material is light and flexible and stronger than steel. This material also ensured that the car is totally biodegradable.

2. Rinspeed Squba

This is simply a car that can act as a submarine. It comes with a total of 3 electric engines. One of the engines is meant for the road while the other two are meant for the sea. It will costs approximately $250,000 once production commences. This concept was inspired by the fictional submarine car featured in James Bond movie. This car will be able to attain a speed of 79 miles per hour on the road and 1.9 miles per hour under water.

3. Cadillac Aera

This amazing concept came up in 2010 in the Los Angeles Auto Show. It was in the same category as the Mercedes Biome Car. Its design was inspired by patterns that are found in nature. Its engines is made of compressed air that reduces sounds emitted by the engine and also ensures a smooth ride. It weighs less than 1000 pounds and is made of extremely strong alloy metal.

4. Hydrogen Car Art Concept

This car art installation was made in 2007 by Olafur Eliasson. It was a part of the famous art series known as BMW art cars. Olafur Eliasson made a metal shell which he sprayed water intermittently for a number of days. He did this until the metal achieved a thick layer of ice coating. The art was extremely impressive.

5. Jaguar C-X75

The unique motor system and extremely high speed of the Jaguar C-X75 makes it stand out. It’s the first car that applies the 4 motors concept i.e. a motor for each wheel. This 4 motor concept is referred as Torque Vectoring. It can attain a speed of 200 miles per hour. It takes it 30 seconds to move from 0 to 60 miles per hour.

6. Eringo EV

This concept was developed by Mohammad Ghezel an Iranian designer. Its wheel shaped car that holds two people. It has three rings that will be powered by the electric engine. It has a gyroscope to ensure that it has maximum stability. It also features two side wheels.

7. Vehicle to Vehicle Communication Concept

This technology is aimed at reducing driver’s risk. This technology is simply meant to warn the driver whenever there is incoming danger on the road. The wireless system in the cars will send signals to each other thus updating the cars about status of the car, direction of travel and speed.

8. External Airbags

Several car companies are developing this concept. This will limit injury to both the car and the passengers. This air bag will be 20-30 milliseconds in case of a collision. This technology has been used in new Volvos but it has a lot of flaws thus it’s still under development.

9. Optimized Solar Panels Concept

This technology has been tried many times but it has had a lot of flaws. The first argument is that the amount of sunlight that the car will need will be hard to collect since it will be in motion for the most part of the day. There is also an argument about the best solar panel that will suit every one. The other worry is what happens when the weather is cloudy. Ford Company is working on a technology meant to fix these problems. A hybrid system that will have a magnifying glass to help track the movement of the sun is being developed. This will enable the solar panels adjust their position to absorb maximum energy.

10. Self-Driving Cars

One will not need to hold the wheel while driving. This means age and any impairment won’t hinder somebody from driving. Car accidents will also come to an end. This is a future vision by google. They are working on an interface called George Chauffeur that will make driving totally autonomous.


Source: Talltanic

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