10 most amazing man-made structures around the world


10 most amazing man-made structures around the world

Our history pages are known and seen many man-made structures which used to kiss the clouds even when there was no technology or machines to achieve that goal. Pyramids can be found all over the world and were the highest buildings known to be made till the industrial revolution took the world with new inventions and innovations.

In the 21st century, we can witness many skyscrapers which are the result of latest technology and marked their presence in the history. There are different structures around the world which gather hundreds of people to see what mankind have achieved with the course of time and also increase the adrenaline levels while being at the top of these buildings.

Sky-Deck Chicago

Sky-Deck which is also known as an observation deck is located on the 103rd floor of the skyscraper ‘”Willis Tower”. This is the second highest building in the whole US, consisted of glass chambers which can bear up to 5 people equals to 5 tons of weight. It is placed at the height of 1,532 feet which provides you the perfect view of whole Chicago and if you are lucky enough with the weather, you can see 4 different states standing at one point.

With the height, it increases some risks as in 2014, a floor in one the chambers cracked-up with 4 visitors in it which scared them to death. Manager inspected the site and informed that only the upper layer of the glass was cracked and it was safe enough.

Intercontinental Dubai Festival City

Intercontinental Hotel in Dubai is famous for its swimming pool which is located on the roof-top of 36th story building. The pool can be seen from outside the hotel as it is pounding out of the front wall and seems like floating in the air.

The whole pool is 82-feet long and while you are at the pool, it gives you the perfect view of the city including the tallest building in the world “Burj Khalifa”.

New Refuge Gervasutti

New refuge Gervasutti is a refugee camp which is installed on the Freboudze glacier in front of the spectacular east face of Grandes Jorasses of the Mont Blanc Range. Sometimes the tracking on the mountains by many mountaineers and climbers can be tricky due to the weather change.

It is placed at the height of 1.74 miles and can be the perfect place for extreme temperatures. The total space of the bunker is 1073 square feet which are best for the rescue of total 12 people.

Skylodge Hotel

It is a luxury transparent capsule that hangs from the top of a mountain in the sacred valley of Peru. The mountain has 3 pods in total with the maximum capacity of 12 people per night which is 400 feet high from the land. Each capsule is 25 feet long and 8 feet high which are made up of aluminum and poly carbonate.

In order to reach the capsule, you need to climb the cliff using equipment or with a help of rope which is best for people with high enthusiastic.

Eshima Ohashi Bridge

The Bridge is located in Japan which is 1 mile long that connects Matsue, Shimane Prefecture and Sakaiminato. It is the third-largest ridged bridge in the world and was built this way to provide the passage for the ships underneath it.

The Bridge looks like a big roller-coaster but has a good runway to drive. The day bridge was open for public services, drivers kept a fair distance while driving as it took some time to get used to the bridge.

Alpspix Viewing Platform

The platform consists of two 80 feet long steel beams which make a sign of X, floats over a vertical drop of almost 1,000 meters. It is protected by glass walls and the material used in the construction, it provides a perfect view for all mountaineers and climbers. If the weather is on your side, you can see the highest point in all Germany, “Mountain Zugspitze”.

Hundred Dragons Sky Lift

Bailong Elevator is also known as the Hundred Dragons Elevator, is a glass elevator built into the side of a rocky mountain Wulingyuan area of Zhangijiajie, Human Province, China. The elevator takes you to the height of 1,070 feet and has three different chambers with the capacity to carry 48 passengers at the same time. It will reach the highest point in just 2 minutes and have sensors in case of any tremors for the safety of the passengers.

Path of Death

On the one hand, you have the best view of your life and the other, the forbidding cliff of the mountain. You will be allowed to walk through the glass pathway which is 2.1 inches thick and a meter wide.

The whole pathway is 232 feet long and is at the height of 9.9 miles which assures to increase the adrenaline levels and to give the best view of the mountain scenery.

Glass Suspension Bridge

The world’s highest and longest glass suspension bridge is in china which connects two mountain cliffs. It is 430m long bridge which stands 300m above ground level.

At the opening ceremony, the creator shows the strength of the bridge by allowing people to hit the glass with 11-pounds hammer and even drove the car over the bridge. Some cracks occurred at the glass but it is not risky as it has several layers of high-quality glass.

Glass View Point

The last structure is again from china and is the biggest glass viewpoint structure in the world. The singular circular form provides the 360-degree view of the valley and is 1,300 feet high from the ground level. The strength of bridge is maintained by the use of titanium, steel, and bulletproof glass which holds hundreds of people at one time.


Source: Mind Warehouse

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