10 Awful Reasons, Distance Relations Don’t Work


10 Awful Reasons, Distance Relations Don’t Work

We really feel sorry for those who are already in Distance Relationship, and are having a feeling that their relationship is going well. But the truth is this relations seldom works, we are not at all in oppose of this relationship. But according to what we have seen it fails generally every time. Here, we are about to give some of the possible reason, this may vary from person to person, but in general they get fit for all.


1. It is not a real relationship

It is not a real relationship

Relation needs some time together, some time to get know each other, in short, relation needs time. And this relationship that is the basic thing you would miss. There are many events where either of you are having time and wants to talk to another but another person is busy in something or another. This thing won’t last.

2. A different lifestyle

Once you are away, you are also free and your partner is free. Both have different choices in food, clothes and everything. You both doesn’t wants to any one interfere in your life even your distance relationship friend.

3. Some important moments

There are many moments in anyone’s life where, he/she is either having something to share with someone. Moreover, he/she wants someone to hug, to talk face to face; someone who can cry/laugh with him/her, at that important time of life you would be missing. If this is with you, just think of I which way your relationship is going.

4. Physical Relation

In this new era, by the word relationship, one mean by a great physical relationship and when one does not get it, he/she will feel bad and this will directly affect your so-called distance relationship.

5. Your Surroundings will change

Due to being out of city/place or we can say being away from your loved one, will change you a lot, you will start to adopt yourself according to surrounding. In addition, this will leads to another negative point in your relation.

6. Nothing to talk

First, when you fall in love, you have many things to share with each other. However, after some time it will be like a formality to talk. In addition, this will leads to increasing distance, which definitely leads to nowhere. After certain time communication will feel like a burden.

7. The doubt case

There are many time when you or she are either in crowded bus, or in a meeting or any other place where you can’t pick the phone. If at that time only, a call came from your so called girl/boy friend and if you don’t pick, it will definitely create a doubt in other’s mind, that he/she is having some affair with a local person and this doubt will leads nowhere.

8. Cost of Keeping in Touch

Initially, you would have a lot of money and time to spend, but eventually, this money, which at one time you were investing, will be a burden and sooner will stop.

9. Mood swing

We have seen many issues where the mood of girl/boy will leads to disaster, e.g. if the girl has listened a lot at home and if his boyfriend calls, he doesn’t know what is scene and she will burst out and vice versa.

10. Shifting Issue

Many times these relations break due to some weird reasons, like why are you living there? When you will come? Why are you no doing this/that? Why don’t you try in your city only? These things at a certain level will be good but certainly mix a slow poison in your relationship.

We do not say that long relationship does not work always, that’s why we have used the word, Why long distance relationship seldom works. Through better understanding and better co-ordination one can maintain this relationship also.

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