10 Brilliant Science Fair Projects can you do at Home


10 Brilliant Science Fair Projects can you do at Home

Do you need that amazing science experiment to set you above everyone everyone else? Take a look into this and I will give you a list of 10 mind blowing science projects and how they work.

1) Use Static Electricity to Bend Water: First turn on a water faucet so a thin stream is flowing. Taking a plastic comb, run it through a dry head of hair repeatedly. This results in the the build up of static electricity. Put the comb near the flowing water the stream should then bend towards the comb. This works because the static electricity the comb contains has a negative charge. When put up to the positive charged water, the opposites will attract each other.

2) Make Quick Sand: Take around a cup of cornflour and half a cup of water, mix them together very well. This will result in your finished quick sand. When cornflour is mixed with water it makes a very thick substance, very similar to that of quick sand.

3) Mentos and Diet coke Fountain: Drop about half a pack of mentos in a 2 liter of diet coke. Try and do this in a quick matter of time, they sell special tubes for this but its optional. After you drop them in a very quick chemical reaction occurs sending diet coke shooting out like a geyser.

4) Your Own Volcano: First create a make shift volcano out of paper mache or plaster. Place a small cylinder shaped container that will fit down the middle of volcano. After doing so put a couple spoonfuls of baking soda and dish soap down the tube. Now for the fun part, poor an ounce of vinegar down the tube resulting in a highly active chemical reaction making it look like a miniature scale eruption.

5) House Hold Electromagnet: Find a 3 inch iron nail and wrap it with about 3 feet of thin coated copper wire leaving two ends sticking out from each end of the nail. After doing so find a D size battery and touch one end of wire to the positive side and the other to the negative side. Once completed find a paper clip and take one end os the nail showing iron near it. The paperclip should be pick up by the nail. This a simple example of a magnet that is able to be turned on and off.

6) Homemade Rock Candy: Take a clothespin and clip in to a wooden skewer. Put it into a glass container with the clothespin laying across the making leaving the skewer so it doesn’t touch the bottom of the jar. Start bowling water add more and more sugar untill it will not dissolve anymore. Let cool for 20 minutes then poor the mixture into the jar. Let sit over a course of 4-7 days as doing so you can watch the sugar crystals form over time. Once complete it makes for a tasty treat.

7) Make Your Own Slime: Add a 1/4 a cup of water and 1/4 a cup of crafters glue in a mixing bowl, mix well. Green food coloring can be now be put in to give it that additional effect. Take around one fourth a cup of liquid clothing starch and poor into the mix. once mixed all together you are done. The glue’s molecules act like are similar to strands of a chain and the liquid starch link them all together making it slimy and sticky.

8) Your Own Lava: Fill a drinking glass full of water and add whatever color food dye you would like. After doing so add 1/4 a cup of vegetable oil into the glass, the vegetable will float on top of the water. Then for the fun part, add salt to the top of the oil and the lava will be created, you can keep adding salt for some more effects. This works because oil is lighter than water and salt is heavier than oil so when you sprinkle it on the oil will sink.

9) Carnations Changing Color: Place the end of the flower in a cup of water. The cup can have water every food coloring you desire, put about 15-30 drops in. The flower will then soak up the water and change to the color you have chosen. This happens because naturally flowers need water and when colored the flower will take hold of that color.

10) Secret Invisible Ink: Find some lemon juice and dip your finger into it. Then write your message or drawing on a piece of paper. Once completed find a heat source such as a lighter, light bulb, an iron place the heat source up to your writing and it will start to appear. A chemical reaction occurs making the juice harder up and be visible to the eye.

I hope one of these examples will work for you and make the amazing science experiment you have always wanted.


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