10 Interesting Things About India’s First Woman Pilot


10 Interesting Things About India’s First Woman Pilot

Sarla Thakral has been a very inspirational figure to many Indian women as well as all women in the world who are in the bid to pursuing their goals in life.At a very tender age of 24, she proved her worth in the aviation world and was able to gain herself confidence from all other pilots.She has been a great source of inspiration to many and will forever be treasured.
Did you that there are unknown and very interesting facts about Thakral? Did you know she did a lot of wildly crazy stuff? Did you know that there were very unbelievable things going on in her life back then? I bet not.So here are the 10 amazing things you didn’t but should know about this lovely idol, Sarla Thakral:Sarla_Thakral

1. Got Married at Very Young Age.Before flying her very first plane, Thakral was already married to her first husband, P.D. Dharma and had a 4 year old daughter.She was marriedin 1931, at the age of 16.It can be said that she had already started living her life at a very early stage.
2. Got Her Aviation License in 1936.With a good piece of knowledge of the year of her birth being 1914, it is clear that by the time she acquired the license, she was only 21 years old.In 1930’s, making a flight sounded almost impossible and would be termed a miracle.All the same, she managed.
3. Behind Her Success, Two men Stood.Thakral had strong and endless support from two very wonderful men, her husband and her father in law.Her success was widely steered by them through strongly having her back with an everyday encouragement and physical support.
4. Seen in the Cockpit With a Saree.During her reign, there were only two people(males) who were making flight in the cockpit.But, she managed to make her first sight to the flight world, in the cockpit of the Gypsy Moth, with a saree.
5. Her Husband Too was a Pilot.Another very aspect that grew the enthusiasm in her was her successful husband, P.D. Sharma.He had been the first Indian Pilot to fly from Karachi to Lahore.To add more honey to it, he had received an airmail’s pilot license.This was quite an inspiration for Sarla.
6. Her Husband’s Family had 9 Other Pilots.Apart from P.D. Sharma, there were 9 other successful pilots at her disposal. It really seems that flying planes ran in the family.It was in their blood.This made the path for her pilot dreams just but an easy and swift walk in the park.
7. Became a Widow at 24.After a fateful plane crush in 1939, her husband died and left her a widow when 24 years old with her daughter. This occurrence made her life fall apart to some very big extent.It made her loose track of life for a while.
8. Got an ‘A’ License.After making successful flights of more than 1000 hours, Thakral was crowned with a very hard to get ‘A’ License that gave her more desire to fly more to get the ‘B’ license that would allow her to get freedom to fly the commercial planes.This made her to work hard in the civil training.
9. Goals Suspended by World War 2.In the bid to get the ‘B’ license, Thakral made continuous efforts in the civil training.Unfortunately, the breakout of world war 2 made her efforts unfruitful and made her life take another direction.
10. Ended up in School of Art.With the war on, Sarla sort career refuge in arts in Lahore, at Mayo School of arts.There, she managed to get a diploma in Fine Arts.

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