10 Most Amazing Dream Jobs In The World, Love To Do Them


10 Most Amazing Dream Jobs In The World, Love To Do Them:

During our childhood days, we dream about 100 of professions and jobs that we wanted to do once we are ready for it. It is limited to what we see others are doing and how we get influenced by the social media. The real world and its opportunities open with limited job options and we often land up in the career which we never wanted to be in. There are hundreds of options and to shortlist some them, here are 10 most amazing dream jobs in the world for which you will good pay and see it as a mainstream career.

Water slide Tester –

Its summers and the first place you want to visit is water theme park. There are 100’s of jobs in the theme park and the one we are talking is a Water-slide tester and the best part is, you don’t have to be in formals all day. In 2013, UK resort marketer first choice was on the hunt to find a skilled water slide tester. This job might not get your attention at first place regarding the demand and due to some safety concerns but the tester will travel to different water parks in whole Europe to test different water slides and it is the best way to start your first day of the week.

Lego Professor –

Every day we close our eyes for once and wish to go back to childhood days. The University of Cambridge has heard your wish and the hunt for hiring a Lego professor started in 2015. It will be the best job as you can be a child again and the university accepted about $2.3 million from the Lego foundation for a new research center. The Lego professor will be the center leader and researching Lego’s for early childhood development process.

Private Island Caretaker –

Care taking and cleaning services will be the last option for everyone who is hunting for a job but what if it is on a private island? According to Private Island Magazine, there are a number of jobs available as private island caretaker and the people are quite happy with the options. The caretaker will be responsible for multi million dollar hideaway and should be available whenever needed by the owner.

Hot Date for Hire –

This comes as the best option for all young women who want to earn extra cash and to be ready for big events. Many rich men are sick and tired of going alone to many big events, so they started hiring attractive young women from the websites like ‘DATES4HIRE’ and ‘RENTAFRIEND’ as a social companion for few hours.

Chocolate and Beer Taster –

Drinking beer and eating chocolates is the best way to enjoy the moments and does it get even better if you get paid for an ultimate experience. Chocolate and Beer tester will not be eating chocolates and drinking beer whole day but it is a complicated process which requires a set of skills from feeling how the chocolate melts in your mouth to the distinct scent of a beverage.

Professional Sleeper–

Sleeping is considered as the best activity around the day as it relaxes and refreshes your mind. There are some companies who will pay you around $1,500 per month for sleeping. According to Telegraph in 2009, an England-based Bed Company hired people to try their luxury beds under different conditions such as lighting changes and also being under the influence of caffeine or alcohol. It can be the best job and the company received around 400 applications on the first day alone.

Hot Bed Warmer –

Hotels around the world want their guest to have a memorable stay so that it can be recommended to others and for that reason, there is a new job vacancy for bed warmers. The Telegraph reported that Holiday Inn has started hiring bed warmers in which men will be suiting up in all-in-one sleeper suits and lay on the bed for five minutes. The service will keep the bed warm for the guests to get a good night sleep right away, especially during cold winter months.


It will make your thoughts running but Gumologist is a gum tester which is actually sweeter than it seems. They are well-trained personnel’s to review new products and developments for chewing gum companies. It is a million dollar business in which the companies spend millions in developing a new product and a flavor, so these companies want to make sure they get it right. There will be a team of gumologists who will examine each tiny size of gum with a lot of research to make sure the sum satisfies the company’s customers and make their brand famous in the market.

Panda Keeper –

There are many habitats for the animals across the globe to maintain their environment and to take care of many endangered species. To be working with zoo animals sounds like a dangerous species but what if you get a chance to work with a cute panda? The Guardian spoke with a panda keeper whose main responsibility was to make sure that they are well fed and cleaned. It is like taking care of a little baby and we wouldn’t mind looking after some adorable animals.

Netflix Tagger –

It feels like a magic when you open the Netflix application and you see the recommendation list which actually is of your choice and makes you think that Netflix can read your mind. The reasons are the engineer’s secret algorithm and even Netflix watchers to make it happen. Anybody can grab this opportunity as you need to watch hours and hours of TV and write short descriptions about it. The content will help Netflix to improve their customer’s recommendations. So get paid while watching hours of television and your favorite channels.

These are top 10 dream jobs which are real and people are earning enough from these for a living. Applicants can even apply through online or from the official website of the company. Just Apply and wait for your luck turns in.


Source: TheTalko

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