Crazy Innovation That Say Future is Here


Science’s Crazy Innovation You Need To Know

There has been constant progress in the field of science and technology. As an outcome of constant research and development, we are now presented with new inventions that can take us beyond our imagination. This article is all about the crazy science innovations of modern times.


Suppose you have returned home after spending long hours at the office. Now, it must be the time to watch movie with a pack of popcorn from the comfort of your couch! Imagine yourself watching “Fast and Furious” movie. As there is the collision of the cars, suddenly your couch/sofa shakes. You might feel as if there is the impact of shock wave.

crazy innovation

The above mentioned imaginary situation can be experienced right at your home because of a crazy innovation. A 4D motion device named Immersit will turn your couch into an object to make you feel everything that will actually
happen on your screen! This device brings the thrill of 4D right at your home with a plug and play product that you can use with any sofa and get inside the movie! If you want to get one for your home, then you can pre order this device at Delivery is expected from December, 2016.

Lazareth LM847

crazy innovation

Now, let’s turn our focus on four wheeled vehicle. You are thinking about cars, right? However, we are talking about motorbike! Lazareth LM847 is a 4 wheel monster bike which is powered by 470 HP Maseratin engine. The pair of front and rear wheels are tightly packed. The bike has crazy wheels and also it is powered by a car’s motor. This bike has been quite a revolution in the field of mechanical engineering.

X2 Underwater Jet Pack

X2 Underwater Jet Pack


It is the world’s first high performance wearable underwater jetpack. This device is bound to redefine the way in which human beings interact with the marine environment. X2 enables you to go beyond your boundaries by going further and deeper than ever. It has bag pack with control systems and batteries along with hydrothruster with throttle.

Aurora Interactive Ceiling

crazy innovation

The fundamental purpose behind this work is to outline a space that can distinguish clients and reconfigure its shape as indicated by their substantial developments. By following real developments of clients with Kinetic Motion Capture Camera and making an interpretation of it to outline of different movements, this installation is an endeavor to build up a more profound comprehension of embodied interaction and to create more natural intuitive  experiences.

One Drone

crazy innovation

In recent times, we have seen the emergence and importance of drones in real life for various applications. There are different drones to help perform specific tasks. However, a company named One Drone has made this Crazy Innovation in the field of specialized drone an obsolete term They have come up with a drone that can be customized and used according to your needs. You just need to add or subtract different components based on your needs, a true jack of all trades.

Goodyear Eagle 360

crazy innovation

It is a spherical ball that helps with the smooth maneuver of cars on roads. It helps the car to avoid an obstacle without changing the direction of the car. This multi-orientation tire moves in all direction and ensures passenger safety.


crazy innovation

It provides devices that can be used as replacement of hand muscle. The Crazy Innovation can be used to perform any task that can be done by a natural hand!

The Alpha Helmet

crazy innovation

This helmet provides superior resistance and rests comfortably on your shoulders. It supports many sports such as winter sports, cycling, rock climbing or aquatic sports.


crazy innovation

UC Berkeley biologists have found inspiration in the creepy ability of cockroaches to squeeze through even the smallest of cracks. The ultimate result is a robot that can quickly squeeze through cracks. This robot can be extensively used to search and rescue in rubbles due to tornado’s, earthquakes and explosions.


crazy innovation

It is a robot in the Domino’s family for delivery purpose. It is an autonomous delivery vehicle which is able to navigate from a starting point to its destination while selecting the best path of travel. It is not yet used. We might see such a DRU knocking on our door on a fine Sunday morning!

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