100 Years In 10 Minutes: An History Of 100 Years War And Struggle


100 Years In 10 Minutes: An History Of 100 Years War And Struggle

Often when you note down history, you are mostly confronted bothered by the question on the facts and events that will be included your account of history, and perhaps the ones that will be ignored.

For the case of this viral video named 100 years in 10 minutes that was produced by Donolinio Studio, what is the big interest?

Men of Europe, America. The 100 years in 10 minutes interestingly has much to do with downers in listing: natural disaster, a-bombs, war, social crisis,assassination, genocide, deprivation and financial crisis, each of them set to a soundtrack that is dramatic by Hans Zimmer.


What is left out?

Something that likely makes life good to live 100 years in 10 minutes with a few exceptions, achievement made by human. Of course, Latin America and Africa too – exceptionally for the very first World Cup tournament that was played in Uruguay.

Narrowing to historical omissions and human achievement, let’s pay tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. who during his birthday lived 100 years in 10 minutes through making memorable speeches.

Specifically selecting two speeches of MLK that are memorable —the first one “I Have a Dream” speech which was presented August 1963, the other one “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop”, presented the day before he was killed April 1968. Indeed MLK lived 100 years in 10 minutes just through this.

Basically, much of these happenings carry epic significance individually, right away from the Tsunami to Oklahoma City, to all of the Wars.

Just for Reagan’s speech at Berlin where we did we see great mission done by an act besides aggression, indeed he lived 100 years in 10 minutes too.

I am struck by the exclusions of King and Mandella for that fact . 

It would increment a minute maybe, likely, to the footage, the question is what would our world look like not having the achievements every one of them?

It takes criticism and optimism to live 100 years in 10 minutes. 

Source: derDon1234

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