11 Best Vehicles for the Zombie Apocalypse


Best Vehicles for the Zombie Apocalypse

We all are big fans of the series “Resident Evil” in which we have witnessed the Zombie Apocalypse and some characters showing their survival skills and surviving through the whole series. Vehicles played an important role. What if it gets true somebody that we are under the attack by zombies and keeping that in mind, let’s check out the vehicles that may help?

1. Snow Plough Trucks 

These trucks are often used to clear out the snow from the main road or from the tracks. In the case of a zombie attack or you want to go out of the city, this vehicle will be the best option as it will clear out hundreds of them and will make no damage to the vehicle.

2. Reinforced bulldozer

The main reason to select this vehicle in the list are the tyres. You will never get such flat tyre as they run on trades, the one we use in tanks. Flat tyre vehicle can be the easy target for the zombies and the flap which is in the front of this bulldozer will help you get the zombies out of the path and even help you in the settlement. Caterpillar D9R which is used in the defence forces can be a great choice.

3. Motorbikes

Despite the extra protection, the bike gives you the extra speed and the easy way to lean through the traffic. At the time of apocalypse, everybody will try to get out of the city and in that traffic, the bike can be a real advantage and you should know how to ride it. Always choose the one which is less bulky and gives extra miles which allow you to go without any extra stops.

4. ATV 

Motorbike is your best companion but it always recommended for keeping other vehicles in stock, as at times you need to go off-road sometimes by crossing some small rivers. ATV will be the best option. It gives you the best in control and will help you to transport many of the required things which you can’t with the bike.

5. School Bus

This is the best source to carry a large amount of food, emergency kits, ammunition and some non-zombie companions who will help you to fight in a zombie attack. With some modifications, it will be lethal and three wide doors will help you to plan your ambush.

6. Dog Sledge 

Dog sledge is being carried out by dogs and there is no need to refuel it every time which minimises the stops and keep you going through miles. It is the best when you’re under attack with the winter storm on the side and when the dog passes away, it can be a good source of food. The maintenance level is quite low as it can be maintained by simple household equipment.

7. The Marauder 

The Marauder is the biggest vehicle for the civilian purchase and equipped with the armours. It can ride through the brick walls and even survive the TNT explosions. It can go miles with the flat tyres and have two in spare with the payload capacity of 13,000 pounds. It can run with a crew of 8 people and if you have the money and want to prepare for the apocalypse, this is the first thing you need to buy.

8. The Amphibious Quad

It is not tested that zombies can swim or not but Amphibious quad can and will help you to cross the rivers and land, with the zombies left behind. It is the updated version of ATV with the ability to run on water and other people will get stuck in the traffic for hours and you will make your own way.

9. Solar Power Car 

A car which charges through the rays of the sun is potentially the number one in the list but still there are some development and improvements required. After the apocalypse, we are not sure about the availability of the gasoline, so it is wise to be ready for the worse and to keep this vehicle in stock.

10. Pal-v One 

Flying through the attacked area is one of the best options and with Pal-V One which is a hybrid car helicopter will be the perfect car. It can reach to the ground speed of 112 miles per hour and can allow you to fly over 300 miles and reach altitudes of 4000 feet. Flying will also give you the better look of the land which is least affected by the zombies.

11. Jeeps 

Being used since the 1940’s and specifically made for the military can be the perfect choice in the affordable price. With the modification, it can be turned into the zombie killing machine with the leverage to go on or off the road.


Source: American Eye

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