11 Strangest Phobias That Are Hard To Understand


11 Strangest Phobias That Are Hard To Understand

We are listing some amazing phobias you have never read about. You will get to know about some new facts here:


  1. Can you ever imagine about mother in law turning into a phobia? Yes it happens sometimes. The term ‘Pentheraphobia’ denotes fear of mother in law. However; the studies reveal that such phobia happens with people when they face a lot of domestic violence at their home. It has nothing to do with medical disabilities.
  2. Sometimes people have the phobia to write about their view publically, it becomes really difficult for them to script anything in between the people. Such phobia is called as ‘scriptophobia’.
  3. Balloons are considered to be perfect significance of fun and enjoyment. However; these balloons become terror for the people who are going through ‘globophobia’. Globophobia is the term use to denote the fear of balloon popping. People suffering with this sometimes fall unconscious when they see such balloons in the sky.
  4. Sometimes the romantic rainfalls become a great horror for the people who have fear of rainfall. Such fear about rain fall is termed as Ombrophobia. However, a lot of psychological treatments and counseling are available in order to treat the patients suffering from this.
  5. People also suffer from trypophobia. This can be defined as the pathological phobia of irregular patterns of holes. Sometimes the minute holes such as aunt hills and lotus seed heads become severely dangerous for the people suffering from trypophobia.
  6. Beard is considered as the significance of class and financial status of the person. However; beards can also be a deadly phobia for the ones who hate them. Pogonophobia is the term that denotes the irrational fear of facial hairs. Person suffering from such phobia, even lose their desire to live when they frequently get in contact with such deadly beards.
  7. Sometimes we find people who are extremely diet conscious, their consciousness become trouble for the rest of world. However, such over consciousness is nothing but a mental disorder termed as ‘lipophobia’. It is defined as the fear of fats in food. At further levels, the disorder becomes so deadly that the people even quit eating and harm their physique.
  8. People all over the world get amazed with vampire stories. However, these stories become real trouble for the ones who are suffering from sanguivoriphobia. It is the term used to denote fear of vamps.
  9. It is very easy to call someone dumb and lazy who isn’t shows interest in working. However, sometimes it is not about laziness but it is about the deadly situation the person is going through. Ergophobia is the term used to indicate the fear about working. Such fears discourage the people to work efficiently.
  10. Have you ever wonder why we cannot see the person vomiting around? It is only because all the humans suffer from the phobia termed as ‘Ematophobia’. It defines the fear and intense dislike of vomiting.
  11. We get really sad of being out of someone’s mobile contact list. However; some people suffer a great trouble with this as they are suffering with Nomophobia. The term denotes fear and anxiety about being out of someone’s mobile contact.

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