A real change of life: 11,000-year-old mammoth discovered by a Michigan farmer!


A real change of life: 11,000-year-old mammoth discovered by a Michigan farmer!

A surprising discovery. How often anyone has imagined being doing his/her daily life when suddenly finding something so unusual, that disrupts all your plans for that day and for a long time. Also, you get involved in an issue of general interest?A story with these characteristics is what a Youtube video reported  on CNN channel that talks about an interesting finding of ancient wildlife.Well this is what happened to a farmer in Michigan doing their daily activities like digging in his field and suddenly finds something entirely unexpected that will surely change his life, at least in one respect because:

wooly mammoth5image source: mlive.com

By now he cannot keep doing their routine activities in that field and have earned a reputation certainly not imagined for some time at national and international level.- It will attract the attention of the media and experts in paleontology and a whole group of people who will try to inform and explain the fact.- This fact in the end beyond the temporary fame and alteration in the plans of his daily life puts him in immediate contact with History. He is now in connection with an episode that will most likely be referred to 10,000 or 15,000 years ago as one expert (Daniel Fisher) says in the video.

The description of the fact indicates that James Bristle, which is the name of the farmer in question, was digging in his field. He suddenly felt something rigid that surely somehow blocked his tools to continue doing their job of clearing the land. The most logical thought in these cases would consider the obstacle something common like a stone obstructing the activity of machines. In this case, Bristle refers he thought it would be a common object to a farm like a bent fence which probably meant he couldn’t keep digging. It was a logical possibility, isn’t it?But perhaps what happened was that in trying to remove that fence, what he found was the thing’ was not metal or wood but something like bones?’ What should have been his surprise at the fact they were animals or human remains, maybe a skull or a whole skeleton?

wooly mammoth6image source: mlive.com

The excavation should be continued to emerge a bone of unconventional proportions even for a large animal that anybody can find in any farm like a horse or a cow. Next it is James Bristle call, someone, to help him explain the fact which led to that eventually the University of Michigan to take part in the matter.The experts report that when making the largest excavation and finally extracting the bones they represented – in the words of Daniel Fisher director of the museum of paleontology at the University of Michigan – “a partial skeleton from 10,000 to 15,000 years old of an adult male wooly mammoth perhaps 40 years of age “Expert paleontologists from the University of Michigan managed to extract the equivalent to 20% of the complete mammoth skeleton of this specimen as Fisher mentions. His hypothesis is most likely that these bones were brought to the site by ancient humans whose intentions were to return for them when they needed fresh meat.

wooly mammoth2image source:mlive.com

With this finding, they are 30 skeletal remains found in Michigan but apparently now the last one being reported as the most complete of all.Now the next step by the experts by default is to determine the most likely date on which this mammoth was found alive on Earth.For James Bristle surely the next step is to enjoy this moment that he lived by chance, while his daily life resumes.


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