12 Things Men Should Never Say To Women


12 Things Men Should Never Say To Women

Woman, a creation from god. You can never know what a woman is thinking or what is she going to tell. There are many occasions where you just say something to woman, which you meant differently, and she understands differently. Here are some of the best of those.


1. You look like…

 If you are telling a girl that you are having a swimmer’s body, then you definitely want to say that the girl is having a toned body, but she understand like that you like some swimmer. Beware!

2. Have you gained weight?

Don’t ever in your life dare to talk about their weight. Don’t even dare to try it other side like you have gained weight.

3. You should take cooking classes from my mother

Another negative line you should not tell in front of girls/women. As she is never ever going to agree to your words.

4. You are not looking good

You might means from her looks by some health condition or some sleepless nights. However, stop! As they will take this a negative and will start a big fight. Beware!

5. You are Crazy

Even if it is true (like in most of the cases), but don’t disclose it, and don’t argue on such points, because every argument will lead to a fight.

6. It’s a Guy thing, you won’t understand

Just remember the basic rule of happy relation. She knows everything even that is not his field. However, she knows everything.

7. I hate your friends

Even though you do not love her friends, but never ever confess.

8. You are going to eat all those

Do not ever dare to ask about how much she is eating, just let her.

9. You sound like MOM

If you really want to start a big fight, then tell these line to her, otherwise just be quite when she sounds like her mom.

10. She’s Hot

Do not praise any other girl in front of any other women, as she will never like this.

11. What are you thinking about?

On this line, only girls are having copyright, no man can ever ask these lines to a woman.

12. My ex…

Do not talk about your ex in front of your present and it is applicable to you also you cannot even ask about her ex.
Here is a small list from numerous things you cannot tell to a woman. If you have any other points or experienced any, share with us.

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