15 Amazing Facts About The Planet Mars That Will Blow Your Socks Off


15 Amazing Facts About The Planet Mars That Will Blow Your Socks Off

Want to explore more about Mars? Here Media24by7 is listing some amazing facts about one of the most studied planet ‘Mars’.

Planet Mars

  1. Mars got its first recorded name by the Egyptians as ‘Har Decher’. The word means the red one.
  2. Name of the month ‘March’ is inspired by the ‘Mars’.
  3. Egyptians also stated the Mars as a backward traveler. The reason may be Mars appears to move backward in the zodiac in every twenty five months.
  4. Do you know why the planet has a vibrant red color? This is because the mars consists high quantity of iron oxide. This iron oxide is equally consistent to that of a talcum powder. The planet is full of the metallic rocks that are rusting and offer vibrant red shade to the planet.
  5. Due to severely thin atmosphere, water cannot be in liquid state at the planet. There at the mars, water can exist only in vapor or ice form. Scientists reveal that they consider liquid water to be ‘Holy grail’ for the planet mars.
  6. You would be shocked to know that mars do not have an ozone layer. It is considered as the planet with largest amount of damaging ultraviolet rays.
  7. If you ever dare to visit Mars without a proper space suit, the oxygen into your body will turn in the form of bubble. This will definitely cause immediate death.
  8. In the entire solar planet world, mars has highest amount of stormy dust, this dust is considered to be a poison for the human beings.
  9. Only 1/3 of spacecrafts sent to Mars have been successful, leading some scientists to wonder if there is a Martian “Bermuda triangle” or a “Great Galactic Ghoul” that likes to eat spacecraft.
  10. Mars’s existence was found around 4.5 billion years ago. The planet is about 4000 miles wide. You would be stunned to know that the planet Mars is much lighter as compared to the earth. However, its crust is thicker then the earth.
  11. Seasons at Mars are longer as compared to that of the earth, as the planet takes 347 days to revolve around the sun.
  12. During the winter season at the mars, almost 20% of the air gets free zed.
  13. Mars do not have a magnetic field. This fact indicates that the planet does not even have a molten metal core.
  14. Mars has 37.5%Mars 2, is reported to be built by the former Soviet Union. The planet has the bittersweet distinction of being the first human-built object to touch down on Mars in the year of1971. However, the planet crashed into the surface during a massive dust storm of the gravity similar to that of the earth.
  15. Studies have proved that a large amount of water if melted in the liquid form in the southern polar cap would cover the entire planet to a depth of about 36 feet.

These were some interesting facts about the planet Mars, for more such information stay tuned with us.

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