1st Air Cavalry Division Vietnam War Helicopter Assault


Don’t miss the Raw Footage of 1st Air Cavalry Division- Vietnam War Helicopter Assault:

It is definitely interesting to learn of history by the medium of videos as they leave a lasting impression that can’t be scraped off easily. One aspect that pulls the impact down is the tweaks and modification any video gets in order to have the present ability. Does that really matter? What should matter is the story told in the most real and raw manner that talks more through the footage.

Don’t miss the Raw Footage of 1st Air Cavalry Division- Vietnam War Helicopter Assault

Don’t miss the Raw Footage of 1st Air Cavalry Division- Vietnam War Helicopter Assault

Here’s a raw footage of Vietnam war that will leave anyone astounded with the rawness that one can hardly expect in modern time. If there is anything that leaves a mark of the impact that makes your jaw drop is the footage that the first-hand one with no middleman involved in showcasing it. When it is presented in the truest manner, the impact is much greater than the medium of videos that is beautified to make one feel more like a movie that is fictional.

When this raw footage of Vietnam’s 1st cavalry Division was released, it had taken the world by surprise with the most authentic look and feel that anyone can get.

There is no dearth of viewers of raw footage of viral news. Very few would care about watching a raw footage of 1st Air Cavalry Division.

This footage is a narration by a cop of the Military, Michael Baker. The footage’s description opens in a dramatic manner with the description of tactics used by helicopters of the 1st Cavalry Division of Airmobile. It is a video of combat and used were CH-47 chinooks and UH-1 Hueys.

As per the narration, the combat starts from the 26th February to the 28th of February of 1967. The place of combat is Quang Ngai Province. The operation was known as “Operation Pershing” and it was initiated to put a stop to Vietnam Cong and activity of VA in the province of Binh Dinh. It lasted for almost eleven months causing engagements more than eighteen and uncountable skirmishes.

The interesting part of the video is the live sound of the time when it took place and it intrigues anyone watching it. As it is an old one, the footage has not been synced well with the pictures that play in the background. However, the importance of the footage is more vital.

The person or the cameraman who captured the footage is SFC B. McBride. The 1st Cavalry division once was a standard infantry unit which got transformed to an air-assault division later. It was the first time that helicopters, as well as carriers of troops, had been carried out on a scale this large. It was used to give a good defence to the enemy.

The troops started to be dispatched in large number to Radcliffe camp from the Airmobile in the year 1965. Based out of the Central highlands of Vietnam, the division was loaded with arms and ammunitions of higher quality and impact like UH-1 gunship, CH-47 Chinook helicopters, CH54 Skycrane and much more. History talks a lot of a country or a region and knowing it makes one more knowledgeable than any books or texts. When people get the privilege of understanding and learning such incidents that make history that one can never forget, it should be shown to the world.

Such raw footages are rare but a common medium to make anyone know the raw happenings of the time.

Videos these days are trimmed and made with a lot of technologies implemented which takes away the zest of the story or a remarkable incident. When it is raw, people are intrigued and more inquisitive to get engrossed in the study of the history.

The year of 1965 to 1967 in Vietnam had been years of chaos and combat that showed bravery, energy, and triumph in the most epic manner. Daily engagement with the same consistency and dedication is difficult to maintain but this 1st Cavalry Division Combat video has a different story to tell.

Be glad to know this history that was the most happening news in that period. It is sure to give anyone goosebumps. That is the impact of a story that is retold with no artificiality added.


Source: warhistoryonline.com

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