20 Facts About Space That Will Probably Surprise Even The Science Geeks


20 Facts About Space That Will Probably Surprise Even The Science Geeks

Well some of you already know a lot about the space. Although, there is always an anxiety in human mind to know more about something he already knows. So here, we are again present with some facts about outer space that you possibly do not know.

  1. There are about 100 billion galaxies in the universe, we are living in Milky Way galaxy, and there are 100 billion stars in our galaxy, if we start counting stars by a rate of one star per second, it would take about 3000 years to calculate every star.
  2. The sun is largest and heaviest thing in our solar system, it contains about 90% of the weight of whole solar system. It is so big that about 1.3 million Earth can fit in.
  3. Do you like moon, we are sure you do, but there is a bad news for you all moon lovers, moon in shifting away from Earth at a rate of 3.8 cm per year.
  4. One cannot burp in space. As there is no air and this is process of gas only.
  5. You cannot scream in the space. Moreover, even if could, your scream can’t be heard, as there is no air to carry your voice.
  6. We all know that there is vacuum in outer space, so if we touch two metals, it will stick to each other like they are welded, this is same as cold welding.
  7. The darkest place in space, where even nothing of sun goes, has a temperature of 2.7 Kelvin (-270° C)
  8. The stars what we see, does not twinkle.
  9. Every star we see is much bigger than our biggest thing, Sun.
  10. Even though we see a lot of stars every day, but on a dark night we cannot see many of stars.
  11. Stars are about 20 quadrillion miles away, this means if one can see them, one can see about 20 quadrillion miles away.
  12. It is a common misconception that black whole sucks, but it is false, black holes does not suck inside anything.
  13. The moon dust smells different, it is not like ashes or sand, but smells some distinctly.
  14. Any free liquid in space will take a shape of sphere and will fly away.
  15. As per our thought that hottest planet should be the planet which is nearest to sun, but it is not. The hottest planet is venus, the second one from sun.
  16. Pluto, which is not even considered as a planet now, is much smaller than USA.
  17. If a person is exposed to the vacuum of space, without suite, one can’ ever survive for seconds also.
  18. Have you seen space shuttles? We are sure you had seen it on TV many times; these shuttles have some vent space, that space is used as lost and found, the things which are lost in space are collected here and are bring to earth.
  19. NASA tried to make toilets in the suits only a condom shaped nozzle and a bladder outside and for women some molded gynecological molded inside, but fails and finally planned to give it in the shuttle only.
  20. As per record says that till date eighteen people has died in the space journey, but all have died while going up or coming down, nobody has died till date while in space.

Therefore, we think this information will definitely increase your knowledge about the world out there, the outer space.

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