21 interesting Facts From The World That Will Blow Your Mind.


21 interesting Facts From The World That Will Blow Your Mind.

The world is filled with surprises. All you need to do is just explore it and find out the things that can amaze you. Media24by7 is presenting to you 21 fun facts from every corner of the world. Enjoy these facts.

World That Blow Your Mind

1. Long beards were earlier considered as the sign of royalty and class. Men should keep growing their beard; such long beard can offer them a healthy life. Beard prevents the face from sun burn. The readers will be surprised to know that long beards can prevent the asthmatic attacks and skin allergies. So keep growing long beards!!!

2. You probably don’t know that the telegraph was invented after love breakup. The inventor of telegraph Samuel Morse was out of town for the painting work and his wife died of severe fever. Morse was unable to save her as he didn’t have the news of her sickness. He was deeply hurt and stressed. This was the reason he discovered the telegraph.

3. It is really funny and shocking to know that a single Google search needs more computing memory then it took to send Neil Armstrong to the moon.

4. We know that food is the basic need. Once there was food shortage in North Korea. Kim Jong, the prince tried to solve the food shortage by breeding giant rabbits. The German farmer sent him 12 giant rabbits to start the cause, but later people learned that all the 12 rabbits were eaten on the birth day of Kim Jong.

5. Allan Gans Proudly holds the record for pursuing longest career as an ice cream man. The reports from the people living in that area says that they know Allan as their ice cream man from the last three generations. You will be surprised to know that Allan knows 90% of his customers with their name.

6. Do you know that it is physically impossible for the pigs to look up in the sky.

7. To all the crazy music lovers, using earphone seems a great fun, but they are really dangerous for your health. Using the earphones for more than half hour can increase the bacterial formation into ear up to 700 times.

8. Men are always flirting; they are naughty at all the ages. You will be shocked to know that 46% of married men use persona adds for dating younger girls.

9. Finger prints are the major source of evidence. Just like the finger prints, every person has different tongue prints. Tongue prints can also be used as evidence in solving cases.

10. Most of the people start their day with a cup of refreshing tea. All the tea lovers would be surprised to know that tea was discovered in 2737 BC by a Chinese Emperor.

11. Queen Elizabeth of Britain and Queen Beatrix of Netherland were counted under 10 wealthiest woman among the world.

12. You will be amazed to know that most people consume 50 tons of food in their life time.

13. 15% of teenagers face heart problem and early death due to obesity.

14. People shed about 40 Lbs of their skin in their complete life span.

15. The science lovers should read this. The photon takes 40,000 year to travel from the core of sun to its surface, but the same photon takes only 8 minutes to travel rest of the way to reach earth.

16. The written languages were independently invented by Egyptians, Sumerians and Chinese.

17. The factors like child abuse and Stress among the children cause early ageing. Such factors also lead to early death.

18. Honey can really help you get perfect skin and beautifully shaped body. Do you know that honey can be kept for years? You can even eat 3000 year old honey; it is equally effective and tasty like the fresh prepared honey.

19. National Anthem denotes the glory of any nation. The Spanish national anthem does not have any words.

20. The first man to urinate on the moon was Buzz Aldrin, he did it soon after reaching the lunar surface

21. Now the last fact that will really amaze you. According to the study of scientists if all he empty space from the atoms that make the humans on earth is removed then the total population of the world could fit into an apple.

These are some interesting facts. For more intresting updates, keep visiting Media24by7.

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