21st June 2015: Celebration Of International Yoga Day watch yoga videos


21st June 2015: Celebration Of International Yoga Day watch yoga videos

The United Nations has declared June 21st as the International Yoga Day on the 11th December 2014. A day where people of all age groups, nationalities, religions and with different social backgrounds can experience mediation, so they will be able to perceive life in a much broader sense. So, if you are a fan of yoga, this is a special day for you to celebrate it in both physical and spiritual practice. Yoga, a physical and mental practice, is a precious gift of Indian tradition and has actually began 6,000 years ago.


When the Prime Minister of India, N. Modi, addressed to the US General Assembly and said that yoga people will find the sense of being with themselves, nature and the world. He also said that International Yoga Day from now on will be celebrated every year on the same day and it will be considered the longest one the year within the northern hemisphere, as it is the Summer Solstice. On this particular day, the man who was the first yogi looked on the Saptarishis; the first learner who carried yoga to different parts of the world.

You should also know that this movement for the celebration of the International Yoga Day actually found many supporters from global leaders, while adopting this move. His first supporter was the Prime Minister of Nepal and then followed more than 177 countries, included USA, Canada, China and Egypt.

Keep in mind that this special day has been proposed by a number of people who wanted to celebrate yoga by establishing a special day. Among them is a call by significant international humanitarian and meditation and yoga guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, as well as other gurus, when in December 2011 they called the people in the United Nations, in order to declare this day as the World Yoga Day.


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