Unbelievable,3 Yr Old Gymnast Flipping Like Anything


In the Ellen Show, a cute, 3-year old gymnast was recently featured, who is flipping out of this world

The adorable girl could do everything that an adult gymnast can- and more. Her moves on the show were awesome, and even impressed Ellen Degeneres. She is such as fan of gymnastics and this is why she started so young. The 3-year old gymnast is flipping awesome. This girl is set to be a great gymnast in the future, as it can be told from how she is now. Theellenshow featured her because Ellen was able to scout her out. Wearing simple clothes, she was able to maneuver herself on the bars before her. She was so cute. Ellen was simply floored when she saw the gymnast and how flexible and adorable she was. This 3-year old gymnast is sure to steal the hearts of many people, especially those who watch the Ellen show regularly. Kudos to this girl!! [mashvideo]

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