31 Most Amazingly Silly & Dumb Things We Do, But Feel Embarrassed To Admit


31 Most Amazingly Silly & Dumb Things We Do, But Feel Embarrassed To Admit

Things we do and we don’t know why we do. No-No, don’t get confused, check out this list:


  1. Why do we press down hard on the remote control even though we know that the batteries are weak?
  2. You set your alarm earlier than you actually need to wake up so you can hit the snooze button many times.
  3. You often feel random phone vibrations in your pocket even when it didn’t vibrate.
  4. You pat down your pocket to check for your phone, wallet and keys even if you factually just put them in.
  5. You sometimes stop the washing machine or microwave with just a few seconds left and you pretend like you’ve defused a time bomb.
  6. Long phone call means walking around the entire house.
  7. You have to stop at the perfect TV channel to watch before you can eat anything you’ve made for yourself.
  8. You instantly go back and read an email exactly after you hit send.
  9. You spell out Wednesday like Wed-nes-day in head while writing it. It is the same for Feb-ru-ary.
  10. You always feel calmed when you get home and no one else is there.
  11. When alone, you start one side conversation with other people on fictional topics.
  12. You get lost in thoughts while reading, but don’t notice until you’re a few pages past where you didn’t give attention.
  13. When you’re in a store and not planning on buying anything, you start to get paranoid that store’s security has started thinking that you’re a burglar.
  14. You feel sympathy for non-living objects when they’re discarded.
  15. You wipe the screen of your cell phone to make all the smudge marks go in the same direction.
  16. You need a fan blowing on you as you sleep because you like being covered.
  17. You feel weird saying your name out loud.
  18. You hate Sunday nights more than the Monday mornings.
  19. You get uneasy in taking with hairdresser.
  20. You immediately forget someone’s name just after they’ve introduced themselves.
  21. You Make animal noises to get your pet’s attention
  22. You often introduce your pets to a toy animal to see what they’ll do next.
  23. You place your pets in front of a mirror to see their reaction.
  24. You press Lift button which is already pressed.
  25. You keep arguing on Social Networking sites about different issues but do nothing which can actually bring change.
  26. You finish family-size servings of junk foods in just one sitting.
  27. You claim to have read books that you’ve actually just read the name.
  28. Using the “view as” button on Facebook to see how your profile looks to your crush.
  29. You go to a shop but end up just people watching.
  30. You listen to a song over and over again until you get sick of it even though you know this will happen.
  31. You run up the stairs like an like someone is chasing.

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