4 Year old Girl with no Legs is a true Inspiration to herself and others


4 Year old Girl with no Legs is a true Inspiration to herself and others

You know,in these days we are surrounded with negative news and happenings all around the world.It is not hard to gain negative attitude and begin losing your hope in a better world.But,there exist certain stories and persons which bring back hope in human beings and their immense capabilities.

Those are the persons which make us stand in awe and wonder if we all can do more on this world.One such story is about 4 year old (name).

The life story of this little girl makes a person sad and happy at the same time.It makes you sad because of the fact that life was so unfair to this inocent child,who was born with no legs.But,it makes you happy and proud that you are human being and in that way you share something in common with this amazing being.

Girl born without legs who has amazing life energy and will power to do gymnastics is a story which needs to be told both to children and adults.Human beings like this young girl bring inspiration and hope for a better world.They bring faith to humankind.

7 year old Rosie Davies is indeed a true inspiration to herself and others every day . This is because , she has managed to overcome her disability of having no legs , and going on to lead a normal childhood despite it all . The truly amazing 7 year old girl is every inch an amazing little girl in every way .

She doesn’t let her disability stop her or keep her down . If anything, she has extraordinary energy and zest for life , which is outstanding .

What sets her apart from other little girls isn’t about not having legs . She has an incredible gift to do gymnastics and tricks with her skateboard . This little girl does inspire people with disabilities of all types , She is simply astounding . One of the best disabled girl gymnasts from the rest .

she may have no legs , but her spirit is huge , and it is indomitable ! Please check out the video .


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