7 Facts About Radhika Apte You Didn’t Know


7 Facts About Radhika Apte You Didn’t Know

Born on 7th September 1985, Radhika Apte’s journey to the top is quite fascinating. She has rose through all odds and become one of the biggest actresses and dancers in India. Here are 7 Facts About Radhika Apte you absolutely have To know about.

She was born in 7th September 1985 at Pune, Maharashtra to a respected family in India. Not only is her father a renowned neurosurgeon, but also the chairman of Sahyadri Hospital.


Radhika is a great danseuse. It seems her skills in acting have not been enough for Radhika. She is one of most skilful dancers


She is well educated. With bachelors degree in Economics and Mathematics from Ferguson College in Pune City and acting prowess what else can she possibly ask for?


She has received quite an array of awards. For example, she has been nominated for SIIMA Award for the best Actresses in a Supporting Role in Dhoni.


She came into the limelight is 2005 after playing a small role in A Hindi film, Vaah Life Ho Toh Aisi. Since then, she has acted in a number of plays and top India movies.Radhika-Apte-Hot

In what could disappoint some of her male fans, Radhika Apte is married to musician Benedict Taylor is 2012.


She is one of the most versatile actresses you will ever come across. Glamorous or non-glamorous, Radhika can play all kinds of roles. Besides, she has acted I Marathi, Bengali, Hindi, Tamil among other films.


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