7 strange world phenomena which is beyond the explanation of science


7 strange world phenomena which are beyond the explanation of science

Science is considered to have all the answers in the world, starting from the origin of mankind to the pumping of the heart. It has the explanation which is the truth behind the mysteries and keeps our mind in a straight line without making it more confused about the facts. But there are some strange phenomena in the world for which science has no answers and it is beyond the imagination for a normal mind.

The Hum

The annoying sound can make you crazy and it happened in the town of Taos, New Mexico where people started to hear a low-frequency hum in late 1990’s. It is even categorised as a buzz, whir or Hum which was heard by only 2% of the total population. After many cases were registered about the sound, researchers were unable to find the origin of the sound and believed it was caused by Hysteria which makes people hearing it because they thought they could rather there being an actual sound. The Hum has also been heard in other areas of United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Walking Rocks

It would be strange to see rocks walking on the road and it is happening in racetrack Playa, California since 1900. The stones appear to move on their own, even leaving a dragging trail behind them. The time-lapse video was taken off the stones which suggested that they are moving at considerable speed. Scientists and researchers believed that the movement is caused by the rocks sliding over thin sheets of ice that form overnight and melt during the day. They got the answers but some believed this is not the truth behind it and further study required to solve the mystery.

Fairy Rings

Fairy Rings which are also known as Elf or Pixie rings are formed by mushrooms which appear in grasslands and forested areas. They form a near perfect circle of fungus and considered by superstitions to be dangerous places where the world collide. In many fairy tales, these circles are the result of elves and fairies dancing which burned the ground and caused the rapid growth of the mushrooms. Destroying or entering the circle will cause bad luck and misfortune for which science has no answer.

Giant Stone Spheres

The islands of Isla Del Cano and Diquis Delta, Costa Rica have over three hundred circular objects of varying sizes. It is also known as Las Bolas which means “The Balls” and also known to be The Diquis Spheres. It is so perfect which is believed to be man-made and can weigh up to sixteen tonnes each formed from granodiorite and others are from limestone or sandstone. With no real explanation about the origin, there are myths that these stones originated from Atlantis, a long-forgotten society. These stones were studied for years and believed to be thousands of years old.

The Baigong Pipes

American scientists made a remarkable discovery in early 2000 on the top of mount Baigong, China. They discovered pipes with the diameter of a toothpick to the largest imaginable in an uninhabited area. They were made of 30% silicon dioxide, calcium oxide and iron which are centuries old and according to the researchers to create these pipes, one should need an advanced drilling system which makes it more mysterious. Chinese scientists have claimed them as fossilised trees which are yet to be proven.

Naga Fireballs

In Southeast Asia, over the Mekong River glowing balls can be seen rising from the water and shooting high up into the air. They are known as Naga fireballs or Mekong lights which are of different sizes from small sparks to the size of a basketball. It is often seen in the mid-fall season at night and believed to be caused by ammunition being fired into the sky or some sort of gas which was released by the water but still there is no proven fact.

Pollock Sisters

The Pollock family of Hexham, England faced a tragedy in 1957, where sisters Joanna and Jacqueline were killed by a car while walking to church. The parents moved on and after a year they give birth to another twin named Jennifer and Gillian. After the birth, parents found out that Jennifer had the same birthmarks as her late sister Jacqueline and it got more mysterious when they both started to ask about the toys they have never seen and parks they have never been to, but their late sisters had. It has been concluded that their daughters were the reincarnations of their deceased sisters[mashvideo]

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