8 Celebrities With The Most Adorable Tattoos


8 Celebrities With The Most Adorable Tattoos

For many people, tattoos are the way to show their life, love and thoughts. A lot of celebrities are also obsessed with tattoo art and their tattoos keep catching attention of media. Here Media24by7 is introducing some of the most popular celebrities with their all time favorite tattoos.

Dwayne Johnson: dwaynejohnson-tattoo

Dwayne is a 41 years old leading action star of Hollywood. He has a horoscope sign as ‘Taurus’. Dwayne has got a tattoo of a wild bull on his right bicep. The man also has a huge Polynesian styled piece tattoo on his left arm. Dwayne has come from a Samoan background. He often says that he has got the Polynesian styles tattoo in order to have tribute to his Samoan heritage. His tattoo is specially related to traditional Samoan fish.

Sushmita Sen:Sushmita sen tattoo

Sushmita is the lady with several beautiful tattoos. Actually, she is crazy about tattoos. Sushmita has tattoo on her neck, arms, elbow and back. However, the best of all is the art on her forearm. That reads ‘Aut viam inveniam aut faciam’. It’s a Latin phrase that means; I will find a way or make my own. The tattoo has a significant influence on her life.

Kat Von D:kat von d tatoo

Kat is a 31 year old lady. You can call her an excellent tattoo lover, model or television personality. Kat has got a body art from her head to toe. The lady also has a portrait of her father and a heart tattooed on her left palm of hand.

Sanjay Dutt:sanjay dutt tattoo

The strong man of Inidan film industry, Sanjay Dutt also has a craze for tattoo art. These days, Sanjay is being termed as the ’Resident tattoo king of bollywood’. Sanjay has gor various tattoos on her body. However, his tattoo of Samurai Soldiers is best among the all.

David Beckham: david beckham

A 38 years old football star David is considered as the most recognized sport player. Beckham has a wide range of tattoos all over his body. He has got his son’s name tattooed on his back region. He has also got the name of his other son ‘Romeo’ on his upper back. David has also got name of his wife ‘Victoria’ tattooed in Hindi.

Priyanka Chopra:Priyanka-Chopra-Tattoo

Priyanka is a 28 year old Indian actress. Priyanka had a great emotional bond with her father who passed away recently. Priyanka has a tattoo of on her hand that reads as ‘Daddy’s lil girl’. The tattoo reveals her love for her daddy.

Britney spears:Britney Spears Tattoos

Briteny is a 31 year old highly controversial Hollywood singer. The lady has a fond of tattoos; she has various tattoos on her neck, back, feet and some other parts of the body. Her tattoos has a special significance to the singers, each one is unique from the other.

Hritik Roshan:hritik tattoo

Who can forget Hritik while talking about celebs with trendy tattoo? Hritik has revealed his love for his wife by having her name tattooed on his palm. The couple, who recently broke up, has got an identical star tattoo on their wrist.

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