8 Crazy Ways People Have Quit Their Jobs


Let’s know of the 8 crazy ways people had actually quit their jobs

Finding the best job that doesn’t need you to drag to work is next to impossible. It is seen that the wrong persons are at the perfect place and the right persons are in the wrong profession. Here is the list of people who had one extreme in quitting the current job and have faced severe consequences for that.

1.The Moss Restaurant

A man worked in the Moss restaurant for years and at one fine day, he decided to quit in a very different way. He with the help of his two friends decided to give a show to his customers and danced on “Vanilla Ice Ice Baby” in the restaurant. He jumped on the counter and ripped his shirt which reviled another one which says “I QUIT”. After dancing to the full song, he left the restaurant showing the middle finger to the owner.

2. Charlo Greene

Charlo was the news anchor in Alaska, who decided to quit the job for some moral reasons. She joined Alaska Cannabis Club as the head to fight against the law which states that the use of marijuana is not legal. She wanted to fight against it and thought the use of it was healthy and released all the people who had been captured for the possession of marijuana. While anchoring the live news, she quit her job.

3. The Band Queen 

The Queen was famous for almost an era but had some personal grudges with the manager named Norman Sheffield. According to Queen, Sheffield took all the credits for the talent and success and therefore they were ready to fire the manager. They were refrained as per the contract and then decided to write and record a whole song titled “Death on Two Legs” which would describe the characteristics of Norman. After the premier of the song, Sheffield resigned from his position and let Queen rock the fans around the world.

4. Inetta, the Moodsetta

In August 2006, a radio DJ whose air name was Inetta, the Moodsetta decided to take revenge on the station because of the pay-out. On the live show, she claimed that she was getting paid 6 dollars for an hour for last six years and she doesn’t care if she will not get any other job in the same field. These were her last words before she was taken off the air and while leaving she said: “I Quit this bitch”.

5. Ernest Hemingway

Ernest was the aspiring writer who felt trapped from the first publisher named Horace Liveright. Ernest was forced to publish the articles to the public which were selected by Horace as it let down the writer with so many ideas and books which were unattended. He got hired by another publisher who offered him a lot more from what he was used to getting from Horace, which made him more determined. Ernest wrote an entire novel named “The Torrents of Springs” which was based on sex and drugs. Before the official launch of the book, Sex and Drugs were censored in the US and there was no way that the book could be published. Ernest was released from the contract and later reached the highest success.

6. Julie Austin

An ambitious woman who wanted to be an upcoming actress was trapped into the job of handing out the movie tickets to the customers. With dead end at her job, she decided to appear for an audition for a commercial for the Phone Company. In the screen test, she was asked to make a call to someone, as they wanted to see how she sounds in front of the camera. She took out her phone and called her boss informing that she will be quitting the job. She did not book the audition but she became a small business owner and was never unemployed.

7. Joey DeFrancesco

The story of Renaissance Hotel in which Joey complained about the mistreatment of the boss and other employees to the management. One fine day, he decided to quit his job and hired his marching band friends to come to help him in the cause. They all entered the hotel and Joey waited for his boss to appear. Later in front of the boss, Joey resigned from his job with a signed paper and the marching band started to play in the chorus for the achievement.

8. Steven Slater

The flight attendant who spent 28 years in the same profession decided to quit the job in not a normal way. One day he was instructing the passengers not to open the luggage compartment while the plane was still moving and a lady ignored the instructions which made Steven to take the baggage and hit it on the woman’s head. He kept on shouting all over the plane and opened the emergency exit which opened the Shute and he glided down with it. Later he was arrested by the local police and even got a sentence of 7 years.


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