A Bullfight Festival Can Be Quite A Spectacle


A Bullfight Festival Can Be Quite A Spectacle

Bulls are already angry when you let them run, out of the gate. You certainly do not want to battle a bull when their horns are on fire. It does not make sense for the guy in the video to think he is going to be safe just by running up the steps. You can potentially break your neck by being gored by a bull, and landing on your head on those steps. A bullfight festival can be fun, but a challenge for those individuals that are participating.

The hope is that the man in the video was properly compensated for having to challenge the bull. A lot of people simply would not have the guts to do so. You have to admire the courage of the people that actually take the time to challenge different bulls. You should also realize that there is professional training that can help you prepare for different ways to actually take on a bull, with a fair amount of success.

It was obvious that the bull in this video was just biding his time. You know that the individual who was gored had to be expecting the hit after a while.[mashvideo]

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