Barmy Bhramaramba Budati: A daredevil stunt woman from India


Barmy Bhramaramba Budati: A daredevil stunt woman from India

There are so many people all over the world who perform daredevil stunts and leave everyone’s mouth wide open with their death defying stunts. Some perform it with vehicles such as bikes and cars while some do it on themselves. No matter how these people perform these dangerous acts, it always makes the spectators to wonder how could they do it. And it makes it even more dangerous to see a woman performing these treacherous stunts.

One such woman is Barmy Bhramaramba Budati, aged 39, who with her husband performs very risky acts in front of hundreds of people. She lets her husband to smash heavy pieces of stones and tiles on her head with a hammer and slice coconuts on her neck with a sword and has really emerged to be one of the greatest stuntwomen in India. She also allows her husband to crack tube lights and heavy ice blocks while lying down on the bed of sharp nails. His husband Balashankar Budati, aged 40, practices such uncertain acts on her wife as he is confident that nothing will ever happen to her. He believes that it does involve high risk, but there’s trust as well.

Living in a small region of Andhra Pradesh, the married couple has two children named Jogendra and Tulasi Ram, who is very proud of their parent’s bravery acts and often make their feel envious. They have been practicing such stunts for over a decade now and have all the intention to keep performing them on a larger scale. By performing such stunts, Barmy believes she could gain recognition throughout the world and will be able to show her talent abroad in front of eminent people so that she could make a name of herself. With her immense talent and her husband’s inevitable trust in her has attracted thousands of astonished onlookers in many different regions of India.


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