A goat gave birth to a child like human


A goat gave birth to a child like human

Things came to a standstill at a local town in India when a goat gave birth to a child like human. This news was received with shock and a lot of curiosity from residents who referred to this as an omen. The locals, as well as residents of other neighboring towns came to have a look at this once in a lifetime rare sight.Tourists also flocked to the area to have a look at this too and the business in this area had something to smile about despite this so called “omen”.

The owner of the goat when interviewed had nothing to say as he was still recovering from the shock of this incident. Confused about what to do with the kid that actually looks like a human kid. We went the extra mile to talk to a genetic scientist as to how this could happen and he said that this is mostly as a result of the goat having sexual intercourse with a human and the fusion of the human sperm and the goat’s egg occured but this occurs on a very rare scale. So, the possibility of the goat being raped is very high, according to the scientist.

Despite that very factual explanation by the genetic scientist, many locals still believe that this is a doing of the gods as a punishment for the wrongs they have been doing and therefore people need to ask for forgiveness. Whatever the explanation of this is with regards to belief or science is a subject for discussion another day but the spectacle was a really rare and amazing one. This occurence has been witnessed in other parts of the globe but it’s rarely brought to light as most people terminate the kid once it has been born as they associate it with superstition.


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