A Great Escape of a Girl From Sea Lion

A Great Escape of a Girl From Sea Lion:

It was the bright and sunny day in Richmond B.C. Canada, where people gathered near the waters of Stevenson Fisherman’s Wharf. It is a bay where all fisherman keep their boats stationed and sea lions can be spotted all across the area.

There was another family who came to witness the sea lions and feed it with some food. In the video, one sea lion was attracted by the food and was quite near to the boundary. The whole family members were feeding it as they were enjoying the moment. They were clicking pictures and were trying to get the perfect picture.

There was the voice of woman probably the mother of the girl can be heard not to go too close to the boundary. After the man clicked the picture, the girl served the food to the sea lion. The continuous food made it hungrier and once tried to jump on the land.

The man who was sitting on the boundary asked the girl to come and sit with him. Once the girl was sitting with the man, they were clicking the pictures with a perfect view in the presence of a sea lion.

The sea lion might have seen the food in girl’s hand and quickly it came out of the water and grabbed the girl with her clothes. The girl was in the water which panicked the crowd. Suddenly someone from the family jumped into the water to save the girl.

The sea lion released the girl and the man who jumped into the water held the girl with his hands. Bystanders helped the man and the girl to come out of the water and by God’s grace, nobody was injured including the sea lion. The family was out of the location and thanked everyone who was out there.

Source: Michael Fujiwara

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