A man being eaten by an anaconda


A man being eaten by an Anaconda

The picture was shared all over social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and people were flipping out over the face that there was a man, alive inside of an anaconda. To be fair though, if your doing your daily social media scrolling and you see headlines about a man eaten by anaconda, I’m sure you would want to at least see what in the world was going on. You may even ask yourself how that happens, and if there are safety measures to go along with caring for animals like that.

Well, it’s a bit of a funny story. You see, it was not actually real. It was all a misunderstanding, a massive, hilarious misunderstanding. The truth behind this situation will come to surprise many of you, it even surprised me. All of us know about Photoshop, and what you can do with it to make absolutely anything seem real.

In this case, that is not exactly what happened, but to a degree, you can apply the same overall concept and understand what’s going on, and why the internet went a bit crazy over this whole thing.

There is a show called “Eaten Alive” that airs on the Discovery Channel. One the actors on the show was attempting to get eaten alive by a giant anaconda, needless to say, he failed. But ironically, at around the same time, a company known as “1-800 Contacts” was airing a commercial that had some relations to that of what was happening on the show.

The commercial depicted a man that had been eaten by a giant anaconda, and of course this wasn’t real. Needless to say, the way that the commercial made it look real, took off. People were positing this photo over and over again, and falling for the photo thinking that it was real. When in reality, it was just a commercial.

So in conclusion, this goes to show how gullible that the internet is, and how people will believe almost anything, even if it is this extreme. So, do your research people, it could go quite a long way into ensuring that you don’t fall for things like this.


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