A Sikh Man Removing His Turban Is Going Viral


A Sikh Man Removing His Turban Is Going Viral

Sikhs are a cast native to the plains of India and it is common knowledge that the turban of a Sikh is bound to his turban by religion. It is the mark of their pride and honor. But this Twenty Two year old Sikh named Harman Singh has shown that pride and honor are secondary to humanity. A lesson which many a people tend to forget in the name of religion. He was resting at his home in Auckland, New Zealand when he heard a sudden screeching of car tires and rushed out in the open to witness the commotion outside. The New Zealand Herald Quotes him, “I saw a child down on the ground in the arms of a lady with his head bleeding, so I unveiled the turban and put it under his head for comfort”.

A Sikh Man Removing His Turban

The young lad says he was not thinking about his turban but just wanted to help the accident victims. Seeing the young child bleeding he did the first thing that came to his mind. “It is my job to help and I think anybody else would have done the same in my place”, says Harman Singh.

Such an incredible gesture by such a young lad shows us that we can still show faith in humanity. The child is now safe and in a stable condition at a nearby medical hospital. This Picture Of A Sikh Man Removing His Turban Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons on numerous blogs and is trending on Facebook and Twitter. Just one small act of kindness among the plenty of things going around the globe. With the news of racial based attacks and hate crime on the rise in many countries such incidents come as a reminder of the good things that we can do if we set aside our prejudices.
Respect for the man.


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