A Street Dog Daily Life Captured in Camera


A Street Dog Daily Life Captured in camera

Getting into the skin of a stray dog in India can help understand the type of daily suffering and angst that these animals face.

World For All Animal Care & Adoptions, an animal welfare organisation based in Mumbai, has created a video to raise awareness about the worrying situation of street dogs in India where the spectator can easily understand the daily battle they deal with.

A permanent search of water and food is the main activity fulfilling a current day of a street dog, encountering several dangers while wandering around the city. Besides, they are constantly treated with violence by anonimous people, which makes these animals feel sharply sad and lonely.

Organizations like World For All Animal Care & Adoptions can help to overcome this problem by rescuing or finding an adoptive home for street dogs. Street dogs are an issue to solve in India and every step towards a better life for these dogs should be supported.


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