A Walking Headless Chicken: A Scientific Phenomenon or A Miracle?


A Walking Headless Chicken: A Scientific Phenomenon or A Miracle?

A shocking video has gone viral on the internet. A chicken has managed to defy all odds. Despite it’s head being cut off, the chicken has been able to walk and even stand on a perch. It is in fact as agile as any chicken with a head. This chicken is a sensation among the locals and has been getting more and more attention a videos of it walking around have gone viral.Many say that the chicken’s ability to walk around is a miracle. It truly is something that boggles the mind. There is a more scientific rationale for why the chicken can walk around despite being headless. Some people infer that the ax may have missed a jugular vein and left most of the brain stem intact. The chicken did not die of blood loss as the blood clots stopped its bleeding.

Interestingly this is not the only headless chicken known to mankind. A chicken named ‘Mike’ lived for eighteen months after his head had been cut off. Many thought that Mike was a hoax but it has been proved that he actually existed.As of now the video has drawn a lot of speculation. It has been left to the viewer to decide what they believe. Is it a miracle or does science explain the phenomenon adequately?


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