Know What Makes Xiaomi MI 4 So Special


Know What Makes Xiaomi MI 4 So Special

Mobile Phones, Tablets and Computers all come in the category that one think if I had waited for some more time, I would have a better one. The technology is moving forward at a lightning speed now days. If we talk of some time back like the year 2001 or 2002, we can remember that in mobile we had only one choice Nokia and Samsung was just an introduction at that time, but now as there are hundreds of mobile company like Samsung, Sony, Micromax, Nokia(Microsoft), LAVA, and many more but one name which was in news for recent 4-5 months for its cheap mobiles in Xiaomi which is also called as Apple of china.


It has brought a revolution in the mobile industry by launching its mobile in India, the first one was MI3, which has broken all the records in mobile selling industry. Till now it has launched some of its mobiles in India like Mi-3, Redme 1s, Redmi note and some more, but now it is ready to launch its new updated and latest gadget in India that is MI4. It is about to launch in India on the date 28 January 2015. Many of the people who had missed the sale of MI3 was eagerly waiting for this phone.

We are highlighting some new and useful features the user can get in Xiaomi MI4

About the phone:

It is a new generation phone, not only it is upgraded from the old one but it has a lot of new features like its 5 -inch IPS 1080P display screen.

The camera Quality:

One should not consider it as any other Chinese mobile but it is a pack of new highly improved and latest features as we talk about camera it contains 13MP Sony Exmore RCMOS rear camera, 8MP front camera.


The storage capacity of this phone is best in this price list i.e. 16 GB, out of which 12 GB is user usable.


It is a fast processing phone as it contains 3 GB RAM.


It is coming with a latest processor that is 2.5 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor.

One of the major issue which is always talked in India that although this phone is preloaded with such features and so latest gadgets, still how it is selling this phone in so low prize, we really are glad to answer this question, in an interview with the CEO of this company when he first launched its phone in India, ho said that in India we haven’t spent a single money on marketing, promoting or any other thing, we have spent our money only in transportation and making of phone, so we want that money only. Nevertheless, this thing is benefiting us the consumers what else we want.
Now we know that its other phone has made a remarkable history, we are expecting the same from this new one let see time will tell us the result.

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