After A Stupendous Response, MSG – Messenger Of God To Arrive On Jan 16


After A Stupendous Response, MSG – Messenger Of God To Arrive On  Jan 16

Messenger of god is an upcoming bollywood film directed by Jeetu Arora and Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh. The movie is produced under the banner of Hakikat Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. The movie casts Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh in the central role. Reports reveal the fact that the movie would deal with youth-related issues like drug abuse, sex rackets and alcoholism, etc. The producers have stated in an interview that the film would be officially released on January 16, 2015 in Hindi. The movie would be released across the theaters of world and would have dubbing in Tamil, Telgu and English.

msg- the messenger of god

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh is believed to be a renowned spiritual leader. The man has huge mass followers. Readers would be happy to know that Guruji has accepted the challenge of eradicating social evils like gender related issues. However, there are some cruel ones who are conspiring to kill him.

Singh has done a great hard work in the production of Messenger of god. Guruji himself has written and sung all the six songs of the movie. Reports also reveal that soon there would be a live concert where guru ji will perform all the six songs from the movie. The film has music from different genres.

Messenger of god is shot in various locations of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala. Singh had a three days concert at Haryana in order to ban alcoholism and drugs aids. Reports too reveal that, this concert will now be screened as the part of movie.

However, our team members guess that Messenger of God will be an excellent revolutionary film with a perfect gripping storyline. The film is packed with high drama, stunning stunts performed by a real life spiritual master, quality suspense and the heart breaking action scenes… Guru ji have tried to awaken the mass with highly patriotic and emotional music. You would be amazed music not only makes the youth dance on the ceiling but also restore youth to those who are old!

However the movie created a lot of controversy as the Sikh community is known for their dislike of charitable organization. They complain about Singh that he imitates the attire of a Sikh guru. Real drama occurred when Sikhs violently clashed over the posters of MSG.

Sikh community is even attempting their best to get the movie banned. However, Guru ji has all his support with the film and would surely make its official release on the planned date.

These were some updates about the upcoming Messenger of God. For more updates stay tuned with Media24by7.

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