An Airbus 300A Plane On Aegean Sea



Turkey, The beautiful baffle between European serenity and Middle Eastern clarion culture. The right balance between pasta, spaghetti and, hummus and labneh, brings surprise to the world yet again. This time, off of its shores. Usually countries would dismantle an old plane, put it in museum or just leave it in one of the hangars. Turkey goes one step further.
In the month of May,2016. An Airbus plane 300A was made to land in the waters of the city of Kuşadası. And its parts were bumped off and made to sink to the bottom of the waters of the Aegean sea to serve as a reef. The main goal of this project by the Turkey Tourism is to attract diving tourists and increase the underwater diversity of Kuşadası.[mashvideo]

The aim is to get 250,000 diving tourists (both Turkish and non Turkish) per year. It is yet another attempt by the Turkish Government to re-establish the once booming touristic inflow that Turkey was popular for. Such unique ideas, not only create more job opportunities for the locals of Turkey but also put Turkey right back on the map of a global touristic destination. The beautiful mountains and rivers of Turkey have always been known for their beauty. The culture and strong tradition of the country is well appreciated throughout the world. Bringing innovatory ideas to life in a country that is already blessed with one of the best scenic destinations will be a mark of progress and will help Turkey mark its place among the top places for tourists to visit around the globe.

Happy diving!

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