Worst aircraft accidents in the world caught on camera


Worst aircraft accidents in the world caught on camera

When it comes to flying, the experts have always said this is by far definitely the safest way to travel. This of course is somewhat true, travelling by air is relatively safe and depending on your perspective, it’s a pretty convenient way to move around. It’s quite fast and of course there are no traffic jams up in the air, not to mention you also don’t have to worry about having to look for a parking spot when you get to you destination. However, in as much as this method of travelling is safe and convenient, humanity has had quite an experience in the history of airplane crashes.

Passenger plane crashes have occurred more times that enough. And making this mode of travel one that has definitely had its fair share of fatal accidents and crashes, most of which have led to massive loss in human life and fatalities for any survivors. It’s also lead to a large destruction of property, buildings homes and at times even roads.

There definitely has to be a lot of caution on part of the aeronautical engineers as well as the pilots and control tower specialists when it comes to helping in working together to prevent accidents that most definitely don’t have to occur and claim several lives or lead to a whole lot of losses in investments and property. The most resent airline crashes are way too close to each other showing the urgency with which these matters should be addressed. All this should definitely get the owners of these airlines thinking about aircraft insurance because hearing about a lost airplane or a plane crash today has become all too common and it’s something that definitely provokes anxiety, especially for regular flyers or those who frequent these specific airlines.However, to be a little less harsh to the pilots and the engineers- a whole lot of security issues have led to the downfall of a bit to many flights- Just recently on February 2nd 2016 a flight was brought down by a terrorist who blew a whole into the side of a passenger airplane. The airplane was forced to make an emergency landing after a TNT bomb was detonated in the cabin. This happened shortly after takeoff from Mogadishu airport Somalia. Bombs and terror have worked against the flight industry for long. In 2001 the world witnessed as more than one airplane was taken hostage by terrorists and used as moving fuel bombs. Its not something that has started recently, back in 1988 there was a jumbo jet brought down in a similar way on Lockerbie soils.Aviation accidents go way back and some of the major disasters in the history of flight include:

Tenerife Disaster

This by far holds the record for the flight with the highest number of airline passenger fatalities. Back in the March of 1977 on the 27th day of the month, 583 people lost their lives adored KLM Boeing 747. The jet is said to have attempted a tackle off before clearance and ended up colliding with a taxiing Pan Am 747 at Los Rodeos Airport in Spain.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

A Boeing 777-0200ER on its way to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam was shot down in Eastern Ukraine near the Russian border leading to the death of all 283 passengers on bored .

These are just a few instances where passengers planes have been involved in accidents. There have also been several accidents that have lead to deaths and injuries of people. However you look at it there seems to be a whole lot that needs to be done to secure flight travel and limit accidents to probably natural causes that may be extremely difficult to avert. The loss of lives is something that needs to be dealt with. Airlines lose more than just trust of their clients but may need to insure their airplanes to ensure they don’t go into massive losses in the rare occurrences that they may crash. And this is where there are companies that exist to offer aircraft insurance because nobody really knows how safe its gonna be up there.[mashvideo]

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