Aircraft Carrier Battles Sea Into The Storm


The Cooler Meaner Bad Ass Of The Seas Aircraft Carrier , They Can Destroy A Country And Come Home In Time Of Suppers

aircraft carrier battles sea storm

The earth’s oceans cover approximately 70% of the entire earth’s service. It is no wonder then, that numerous countries do have aircraft carriers in order to assist their aircraft’s all over the oceans. Aircraft carriers are large ships that aircraft’s can use to land on and take off from out on the sea. According to Kyle Mizokami “there are three different kinds of aircraft carriers today: There are the larger aircraft carriers that can carry both fixed-wing aircraft as well as helicopters. There are also the smaller carriers that operate the helicopters, and then the amphibious ships that contain full-length flight decks, hangars and can carry carry helicopters”

Not surprisingly, the United States has the largest collection of aircraft carriers in the world. They also own the largest one, which fits under what is known as the Nimitz class of us aircraft carriers. The Nimitz aircraft carriers are the largest carriers that are over 1000 feet long with of 4.5 acres of space on the flight deck. With this large available space, the Nimitz aircraft carrier can hold up to sixty aircraft’s. The ships have great power and can travel faster than thirty knots. The United States has ten Nimitz Supercarriers that are currently in service. Due to its large fleet, the United States is the strongest and most powerful country when it comes to its naval force.

Throughout the world, various countries own aircraft carriers, while many do not own any at all. There are thirteen countries that own at least one aircraft carrier. In addition to owning ten Nimitz aircraft carriers, the United States has nine more us aircraft carriers in their fleet. The next country after the United States is France, who owns four aircraft carriers. In third place is Japan who has three aircraft carriers, while Italy, India and Australia own two aircraft carriers. The following countries all own one aircraft carrier: Russia, Spain, Thailand, China, United Kingdom, Brazil and South Korea.

As noted on the above list, the Chinese government owns only one aircraft carrier, which is called the Liaoning and was originally purchased from Russia. Apparently, the Chinese government has one more aircraft carrier that is being built, and they plan to build two more in the future.

On Youtube, there is a video of the USS Kitty hawk out at sea during a storm. The waves, from a typhoon storm, are huge and menacing, as they slam into the deck of the aircraft carrier. The strength and size of the USS Kitty Hawk are illustrated as the waves reach up over the edge of the carrier, but the ship itself looks extremely sturdy. Any smaller ship would have been capsized by the storm, but the huge ship maintains its stability.


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