Akshay Kumar Is Ready To Prevent Terror Tsunami In Baby


Akshay Kumar Is Ready To Prevent Terror Tsunami In Baby

Movie lovers in India are crazy about Akshay Kumar’s action and perfect comic timing. With his excellent acting skills, the man has amazed the whole world. People eagerly wait for his movies, as they get a great dose of laughter, and get stunned after watching Khiladi Kumar’s action moves. Readers would be glad to know that Akshay is highly popular in the foreign countries also; there the people have great passion to watch his real action dramas. According to the reports, Akshay is now believed to be the fifth richest actor of Indian cinema industry. Now the star is busy with his next film ‘Baby’. Sources reveal that Baby is an espionage action thriller film. The movie has got directed by Neeraj Pandey. Akshay will be performing the lead role in the movie, whereas the other supportive roles are performed by Anupan Kher, Rana Daggubati, Mikaal and Madhurima Tuli.


The whole cast of the film is highly excited about its release. Director and producers have revealed in a press conference that the movie will be released officially on 23 January, 2015. The movie would certainly reveal a great lesson to the audiences in order to be aware of the threats and attacks planned by the terrorists. The movie will also showcase the evil political strategies played in order to fool the citizens. The movie would connect you with the strength and difficulties of the man and women in uniform that safeguards the commoners from such terrorisms. The movie will encourage the political organizations to change gear from being reactive to proactive.

Akshay will appear as an India’s counter intelligence agent, Ajay Singh Rajput. Taapsee will appear as female agent of the unit. Whereas the role to rocking techie will be performed by Anupan Kher. Director Neeraj revealed in an interview that he has got highly efficient team, their efforts will certainly take the movie to higher extents. In a press conference Akshay has stated that this time the viewers will get to see innovative actions in the movie, this will certainly amaze the passionate action lovers. Akshay further continued that people in our country are aware of terrorism and its threatening effects. However; they are not aware about the present political conditions of nation. With the movie, there are our heartily efforts to make people aware about the controversies planned against them. The movie will also make you aware with the hardworking agents of the country.

The movie ‘Baby’ is produced under the banner of multiple productions; T-series, Crouching Tigers and Friday filmworks. Hope that such combination of leading producers will surely come up with good results. Most of the shots are taken in Gautam Buddha University, and the other parts of movie are shot in Nepal. Readers would be stunned to note that all the intense action scenes of the movie are shot in Istanbul.

With all such warm updates about the upcoming blockbuster, we are sure that the viewers would soon be watching something very special. Hope you will love the movie and your renowned action star. For more updates about the movie, keep visiting Media24by7.

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