Amazing Alternative Vehicles For Travel


World of most amazing vehicles, Not Your Regular Super Car’s But Some Amazing  Alternative VehiclesAmazing Alternative Vehicles For Travel aeyo

If you are also a vehicle lover like me then I bet this blog will blow your mind with the world’s most amazing and ingenious vehicles. I am not talking about those amazing cars like Ferrari or Lamborghini, but something unique, stylish and handy at the same time. Have a look on these top 10 amazing vehicles.

AeYO- all in one

AeYO is of those alternative fuel vehicles that allows you to cycle, scoot and skate at the same time. This vehicle might look strange for some people but is considered as the future of exercises. The group added that it works the core, back and arms, getting more than 10 muscle groups involved.

Amazing Alternative Vehicles For Travel aeyo-travelling

Air Bike Aero-X

List of amazingly alternative vehicles include the Air Bike Aero-X, which is not a hover board but something more than that. So if you and your friends are real big fan of Star wars then get ready to ride these giant vehicles.

Amazing Alternative Vehicles For Travel Air Bike Aero-X

Double-Round Skate

Unlike traditional wheels of skate, this skate is something different because of its double round model. This most amazing skates enables you to manage feet freely and spin.


This hybrid bicycle allows you to run and cycle at the same time. As the person riding half-bike is in the standing position. Not only this, bicycle also responds to your body movements.


Riding overboard gives its rider an amazing experience as the board takes you off without touching the ground. This vehicle possesses 4 disk-shaped motor, which is located with purpose of generating magnetic field that allows it to hover.

Amazing Alternative Vehicles For Travel Hoverboard


Jetpack is another alternative vehicle. However, which has not been launched for public use yet. This jet allows the person to fly so experiencing it is a must, but the product will be available by the mid of 2017.

One wheel electric skateboard

This skateboard is another level of hybrid bike as it lets you fly on one wheel only.

One-wheel Scooter

This hybrid bike lets you self-balance with the help of air wheel. The vehicle has a handle as well as folding footrest but still weights only 9.8 kg.


It is one of the most amazing hybrid bicycles with two wheels on your side. It makes a common pedestrian to use road faster using less force.

Amazing Alternative Vehicles For Travel segway

Suitcase Scooter

This invention of China is the next level of hybrid cars as it allows you to carry luggage that fits your suitcase, which acts as you seat too. Two people can be carried on this scooter[mashvideo]

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